Green Screen Apparel Makes Anything Possible

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Green screen backdrops are a remarkable technological tool that allows producers and directors to shoot a scene in a studio environment and later add whatever background they choose. This may be a computer generated background based in science fiction or a filmed and computer generated background from a far off environment. The green screen makes the options limitless.

Backdrop Express now offers five new green screen apparel products that can help you create even more innovative and creative video footage. The use of the full green screen suit will allow you to manipulate otherwise inanimate objects and simply blend into the background while doing so. You can see a great example of what you can do in this amazing suit here.  The suit comes in two sizes, is fully stretchable for easy movement, and features a screened face for full visibility.

green man suit

The Green Screen Hood allows the producer to animate the head of a character while using a real body. The actor can use his movements naturally, but the result is a seamlessly animated head of a monster, alien, or just another person. Like the suit, the hood features a green screened face so the actor can see.

green screen hood

 You can be even more creative by wearing simply a Green Screen Shirt, available at Photographic Backdrop. This a terrific tool for the disembodied head or an “I’m turning into an alien” scene. Add the Green Screen Pants and you will have lots of options for using just your head or face. These pieces are only available in size large. green screen shirtgreen screen pantsGreen Screen Glove sold as a set, can be used alone or in addition to the Green Screen Shirt or Green Screen Body Suit. These one size fits all gloves allows the wearer to move an object against a green screen, giving that object an apparent life of its own. When wearing these green screen objects, your films are no longer bound by the trappings of reality.

green screen gloves

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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