7 Hot Tips for Food Photography

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food photography

Make food your next photography venture! Food photography is a popular and enticing method of displaying or marketing delicious and beautiful foods.  Special lighting techniques, bright photo backdrops, and subject arrangement all play a huge part in creating mouth-watering pictures of food. Here are several suggestions for making your food images as tantalizing as possible!

1. Choose the Best Looking Pieces

Choose the best looking pieces of food to photograph. Just as with people, the subject needs to look its best in order to be as attractive as possible in a photo. Viewers will not have actual sensory contact with the food, but the images still need to be able to capture and emanate taste, smell, and touch. This means you need to avoid fruit or vegetables that have obvious signs of damage, discoloration, or decay.

food photography

2. Use Enhancement Techniques

Enhancement is effective. Unlike normal food images that are meant to make a meal look healthy, food photography is all about making food look large and luscious. If your chosen food will be displayed in a bowl, make sure the food reaches the top of the bowl or use something under the food to prop it up in the bowl, making it appear larger. This can be accomplished simply by putting a smaller bowl or cup inverted under the food in the bowl.

3. Arrange Multiple Items

Use more than one piece. Shooting several pieces of the same food gives the impression of abundance.

food photography

4. Use Garnish

Adding a garnish to any dish is a way to add lingerie to the image. A garnish adds subtle hints or highlights, rather than overt color or pizzazz. If you’re shooting a main dish that contains a specific herb, consider adding a garnish of that herb, in its fresh form. If you don’t have herbs available, just a sprinkle of pepper can add a touch of class to a dish.

5. Use a Bright Photo Background

Pick out a white seamless photography backdrop. High key shots of food are the most effective especially when used in advertising and marketing arenas. A seamless white backdrop will draw your viewers’ attention right to the product every time!

food photography

6. Use a Shallow Depth of Field

A shallow depth of field will keep your camera focus very selective on the chosen food. The arrangement is the subject of the picture, therefore the full focus should be directed toward it and the background out of focus. This will give the picture an almost 3D effect with the food popping out of the picture.

7. Use Natural Light

Flatter your subject with light. Lighting that doesn’t complement your subject is useless, particularly if you take the shot with an on-board flash. Expensive equipment isn’t necessary to get a great shot however, because outdoor natural light can be very effective.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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