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How to Choose the Right Backdrop Stand

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Studio Equipment, Studio Photography

How to Choose the Right Backdrop Stand | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

According to, people today snap more photos in two minutes than they did in an entire year during the 1800s. However, many of these photos are taken with cell phones and the unpredictable quality of these shots only serves to illustrate the value of quality studio and portrait photography. A backdrop stand is a necessity for hanging and using photo backdrops for maximum results in studio photography. If you’re new to photography or aren’t sure of how to choose the right backdrop stand from Backdrop Express, this overview of highlights and features can help you to zero in on the perfect system for your needs:

BE Expert Backdrop Stand

Our BE Expert Backdrop Stand is a sturdy and reliable option for studio or location photo shoots. High-grade, lightweight aluminum makes up this stand, and it boasts air-cushioned uprights for controlled height adjustment. The BE Expert Stand raises to a maximum height of 13′ and width of 10′ 3″. Its convenient carry bag makes it easy to transport or store. BE Expert Backdrop StandBE Expert Backdrop Stand

BE Pro Backdrop Stand

The BE Pro Backdrop Stand is a lightweight and compact professional stand that can be used in the studio or easily transported to another location. The stand extends to 10′ wide & 9′ high, large enough for 107″ seamless paper and other fabric backdrops. This stand is great for photographers with small studio storage space as it folds down to just 40″ long, and stores into a complimentary carry bag. The price and value of this stand make it great for amateurs and professional photographers alike. The BE Pro Backdrop stand weights 14 lbs.

Special Offer: Add the BE Pro Backdrop Stand to any backdrop and save 20% off the stand!

BE Pro Backdrop Stand

BE Starter Stand

The BE Starter Stand is a great backdrop support system for beginner or student photographers, or those with limited setup space. The Starter Stand is a very lightweight and compact backdrop support system weighing at just 10 lbs, which makes it ideal for transporting and using on location photo shoots. The stand comes with a carry bag for easy transport and convenient storage. It extends to a max height of 91″ (about 7ft 7in) and a max width of 124″ (about 10ft 4in), and collapses down to just 47″ (about 3 ft 11in).

BE Starter Stand

Interfit Background Support System

The Interfit Background System can be used in hanging and supporting a wide variety of different types of photography backdrops, from muslin and other heavy fabrics to seamless paper. This stand adjusts to a maximum height of 8′ 6″ and a maximum width of 10′ 4″. It features a telescoping crossbar that can be adjusted so that the support is narrower for smaller backdrops or when space is limited. The Interfit system is an excellent option for photographers who are often on the go, moving from location to location and then back to the studio. This stand includes a sturdy carrying bag for convenient transport. Customers consistently report that the stand is sturdier and more substantial than they expected it to be and a good value for the money.

Interfit Background Support System

Savage Port-a-Stand

The Port-a-Stand is a versatile, compact and sturdy backdrop stand that is also conveniently portable. Users have raved about this product, complimenting its ease of use, reliability and great value for the money. It opens up to 10′ 6″ wide and can be lifted as high as 8′ 10″. It collapses down to just 44 inches for ease of transporting to and from locations. The stand includes a convenient carrying bag as well as a complimentary roll of 53″ white seamless paper background to get the user started. The compact size, light weight (just 12 pounds) and handy carrying bag make for a versatile and portable backdrop stand that is can be used in both studio and location settings. Savage Port-a-Stand

Savage Economy Stand

The Economy Backdrop Stand is one of the most economical backdrop stands on the market today. It is ideal for students, hobbyists or the beginner photographer. In addition to being affordable, at just 12 pounds it is very lightweight. It easily supports backdrops and seamless paper rolls up to 9’ wide. The Savage Economy Backdrop Stand can be lifted to a height of 8 feet. If you are looking to use 10 foot wide backdrops you should consider other stands, but if a 9 foot width is sufficient, this could be the stand is for you.

Savage Economy Backdrop Stand

Savage Multiple Polevault Stand

The Multiple Polevault Stand is the ideal choice for the professional studio photographer who owns a wide variety of backdrops and does a lot of shooting where changing out backdrops quickly and easily is an important component of their business. The Multiple Polevault is an exceptionally strong yet simultaneously lightweight stand that can easily, simultaneously support up to three rolls of 107″ wide background paper or one roll of 140″ wide background paper. The stand can easily expand from 5′ 3″ in height up to 9′ 7″ and from 60″ wide up to 152″ wide. If you’d like the option of using a 12′ muslin from time to time, this is definitely the stand for you. Surprisingly, it weighs just 15 lbs. and requires only light assembly with no tools needed.

Savage Multiple Polevault Stand

If you use muslin or seamless paper backdrops, a backdrop stand is a necessity for hanging and using them for optimal results. Photographers wondering how to choose the right backdrop stand need only examine the features, pros and cons of each model and choose one that corresponds to their preferences and specific studio and location needs. A backdrop stand is a valuable investment that could pay dividends for years to come.

What backdrop stand do YOU use?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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  • Mark


    I just purchased a Ravelli ABSL system.


  • Diamond jones


    Can the Multipule Polevault Stand support 3 vinyl backdrops?


    • Backdrop Express Photography Team


      Hi Diamond! Thanks for your inquiry. We would not recommend supporting 3 large width vinyl backdrops on one stand, as vinyl is a very heavy material and may cause bowing or instability of the stand. If you are using smaller width backdrops, or lighter weight drops like seamless paper, you should be able to support 3. Please let us know if you have any other questions!


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