How to Fill a Newborn Beanbag Poser

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newborn beanbag poser Newborn beanbag posers are a helpful tool for newborn photographers shooting posed portraits. These large and comfortable but firm cushioners act as a sturdy, elevated base for positioning newborn babies in various poses.

Backdrop Express offers a full line of newborn posing pillows and beanbags that are suitable for helping position babies in a variety of popular poses. Once you’ve ordered your new posing accessories, you’ll need to fill them! There are several recommended options for filler materials, like polyester stuffing, plastic pellets, polystyrene beads or even rice. Beanbag fill can be purchased at many big box stores or online.

Large Newborn Beanbag Poser

Beanbag posers will require a few bags of traditional beanbag filler (polystyrene beads.) Our Medium Newborn Beanbag Poser will take approximately 2 bags of 3.5 cubic feet fill, while the Large Newborn Beanbag Poser will take about 3 1/2 bags. Beads are preferred over stuffing to provide the most firmness for the large beanbags. Stuffing is recommended for the smaller pillows for utmost comfort and softness.

#1. Cut a small hole in your filler bag. Fasten a funnel to the opening with tape.

Tip: Grab a bottle of baby powder and pour a good amount into the filler bag. Hold the opening closed and give the bag a few vigorous shakes to disperse the powder. This will coat the beads and decrease their “clingyness” allowing them to slide through the funnel smoothly.

#2. Cut another small hole at the top of the filler bag (this is so a vacuum isn’t created when trying to shake the beads into the beanbag.)

#3. Open the Velcro and zipper closure on the beanbag, squeeze a little bit of baby powder in the poser as well and insert the funnel all the way inside. Gently shake the filler bag to transfer the beads. Continue until the bag reaches your desired plumpness!

Tip: We recommend having this process take place in a location that is easily cleanable like your bathtub or garage. We’ve learned that beanbag fill can spill easily and will cling to anything! We advise you to sweep up any spill with a broom and dust pan. Do not run over with a vacuum as the beads will clog it.

newborn beanbag poser newborn beanbag poser

Small Newborn Positioners

The smaller pillow accessories can be filled with polyester stuffing or rice for an easy and quick fill. Rice is a great stuffer if you want to add extra weight to a pillow to place at the bottom of your posing bowl or crate for extra support.

newborn beanbag posers

newborn beanbag posers


You’ll want your large beanbag to be full enough that your newborn models will not sink into it; they should be able to lay on top comfortably.

beanbag posers

Have you tried filling a beanbag before? Do you have any other tips we can include here for making the process easier?

Check out our blog: Using Posing Beanbags for Newborn Photography for more information, and shop our full line of Newborn Beanbags and Posing Pillows!

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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