How to Photograph on Backdrops

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Photo by: Rich Legg

Professional photographers use backdrops because they know it makes the shot appear more interesting, visually appealing and a great way to frame the subject. Backdrops can be as simple as a solid color or as elaborate as complete scene. Scenic backdrops can easily be enhance by having your subject hold or lean up against a prop. The background you choose should enhance the overall look of the photograph. Some of the easiest backdrops to work with are those that are flat, solid colors. Select one that will complement your subject and enhance color contrast. If you are looking for a simple look, white and black backdrops almost always work best. Secure your backdrop onto a spool or directly onto the wall. If you wish to make a more permanent set up, nail or screw your backdrop directly into the wall. Fill the frame of your photograph with your backdrop, cropping out the wall on the sides and top of the backdrop. If you are shooting head shots, you can select a smaller backdrop or zoom in on your subject when using a larger one. If you are shooting larger groups of people, use a larger backdrop, but make sure the group fits without spilling over the sides of it. Set up a background light or strobe that will illuminate the backdrop. This will also eliminate any unwanted shadows cast by your subject. This is extremely important if you plan on using chroma key and change the background post production. Play around with some chroma keying techniques, also known as blue or green screen. Place your subject in front of an uncommon color, such as bright blue or green, and play around with the background post production using a photo editing program. Just make sure that your subject is not wearing the same, or similar color as the background. When shooting with a backdrop you may also want to play around with different subject positions, lighting and camera settings. Do not be afraid to play around with these items until you find the right settings, backdrops and angles for you and your subject.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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