How to Properly Store Your Photography Backdrops

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How to Properly Store Your Photo Backdrops | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

We know that every photography backdrop that you purchase is a major asset to your photo business. Therefore, knowing how to care for your backdrops properly will not only pro-long the life of each backdrop, but also consistently provide excellent quality photographs from every shoot. Here is a guide to how we suggest you properly store your studio backgrounds.

Seamless Paper Backdrops

Seamless paper backdrops are unique, expendable paper products that are wound in core when shipped.
  • Store your seamless paper with a paper roll holder, a flexible polyurethane unit that holds up to 12 rolls upright against a wall. A paper holder is ideal for protecting rolls and makes for clear color visibility for quick inventory.
  • To prevent damage and discoloration of your seamless paper, store it vertically in its original shipping tube or other container.

model posing on beige backdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

Muslin Backdrops

Muslin backdrops can be stored several ways depending on the situation or preference of a photographer’s shoot.
  • Scrunch the muslin loosely rather than folding it to prevent linear creases or folds that would need to be smoothed before your session. The “scrunch” will create random wrinkles that will add dimension and depth to your muslin backdrop. Afterwards, place in a plastic bin or cloth bag for easy storage.
  • For a seamless, wrinkle-free muslin backdrop effect, leave your muslin hanging on a backdrop stand.

model posing on brown backdropPhoto by Eldeen Annette Portraiture

Vinyl Backdrops

Vinyl backdrops are made with material and backing that prevents wrinkles.
  • One of the best ways to store your vinyl is upright on the original shipping tube or other container so that it remains wrinkle and dent-free.
  • Use a backdrop stand to hang your vinyl or easily store it on a paper roll holder.


Collapsible Backdrops

Collapsible backdrops are the solution for on-location photo shoots specifically designed with 100% cotton that is wrinkle-resistant, two-sided, and reversible.
  • Easily fold these backdrops into their carry bags (included).
white  collapsible kit

Canvas Backdrops

Canvas backdrops are painted on stiff canvas making it a long-lasting backdrop with versatility.
  • Place the canvas backdrop on any backdrop stand for a wrinkle-free background.
  • Carefully easily fold and place the canvas backdrop in the original shipping bag to prevent damage or discoloration.

Do you use a creative method to store your backdrops? Share with us below!

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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  • muslin backdrops


    Great tips. I have many backdrops in my little studio but until now I never the perfect ways to store those things. Thanks a lot for sharing this up. I will save this for my reference and useful usage to my backdrops.


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    Photography backdrops are amazing!

    One of my client asking for custom photography backdrops, did any share how that feels good?


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