How to Take Great Food Pictures

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There’s more demand than ever for amazing food photos for restaurants. Owners of restaurants request images that capture the beautiful, delicious essence of their dishes in order to sell their services. Bloggers who specialize in food utilize images to let people know when a restaurant exists or is about to open. Other kinds of potential customers might also prefer to capture an image that represents their experience. Here are some tips on how to take good pictures of food.

Step 1: Always Take Pictures Using Natural Lighting

Using natural lighting provides you with colors that most closely match the original. Try to arrange your shooting schedule to allow you to take pictures in the later part of the afternoon and align yourself next to a window that allows in natural light. This technique should provide you with plenty of light to work with.

Step 2: Work With Either a White or Neutral Background

Your focus should be on the food and the way it has been set up. A clean white photo backdrop will help maintain your focus on the food. In addition, using a white table cloth can help keep distracting elements to a minimum.

blueberries on white backdrop

Step 3: Take Several Different Pictures

Take your pictures from a variety of sides and angles. You won’t know if you have the ideal image until you get to post-processing. Taking a lot of pictures improves your chances of finding a great shot. Taking a picture close up is a good idea, because this allows you to focus on the small details that make the dish unique, or bring out the vibrant colors of a fruit or special sauce.

Step 4: Take Your Shots Quickly

When you’re taking pictures of food and using natural lighting, it’s important to take your shots quickly. Food has the capacity to melt, vegetables to wilt and fruits to change their colors in a short period of time. If you need time to set up your shoot, leave the food in the fridge until you’re ready.

Step 5: Add Props

Items that relate to the food you are photographing enhance the image. Adding a beverage, appealing utensils and similar items can also help viewers imagine the scale of the food being served. These items should be utilized to provide support to the main subject without being distracting.

Do you have any other tips to capturing delicious food photography?

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