How To Use A Studio Flash For Photo Shoots

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Photo : Mark Squires

Photographers investing in a photography studio set-up should include studio flashes. The studio environment does not provide the same amount of light you would get if shooting outside; studio flashes make up for this. Invest in a white seamless photography backdrops. White reflects more light and helps avoid unwanted color casts.  To change your photographic backdrop from white, use movable colored studio backgrounds. Harsh shadows can easily ruin a photo. To avoid unwanted shadows place the studio flash in front of and a bit to the side of your subject. Adjust the head of the flash up and down until you achieve the optimal fill light. It’s a good idea to bounce the studio flash’s light to create a softer light on your subject. Bounce the flash off the wall, ceiling or one of your photographic backdrops. Don’t put your subject right in front of backdrops for photography. Make sure it’s six-feet away if the seamless background paper is highly light reflective. If you place your subject too close will create harsh shadows. Make use of a rail system for studio flashes. A rail system allows you move your flash to different locations, saving time and making the shoot easier.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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