6 Ideas for Fun Back to School Photos

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Back to School Photos Ah, the first day of school — new beginnings, seeing old friends, making new ones, meeting the new teacher, new books and supplies — it’s all part of the experience. When summer starts to give way to autumn, students and parents inevitably start planning for heading back to school. It’s time to watch for back to school sales, find out class schedules, and pick out a new wardrobe in anticipation of the coming year. It’s a momentous time, so why not mark the moment with some fun back to school photos?

Back to school photos have been a tradition for decades, but in recent times, they’ve been trending toward more fun and creative themes. Why not mix some classic scenarios with ideas that put a new spin on traditional school photos? Here are some tips to help you get started:

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1. The “First Day of School” Outfit

Showcasing this special outfit is a must. Most students wear something special on their first day of school, with some of them planning it out for weeks. Parents may help them to choose and prepare it, but older children may want to do this on their own. With all of the effort and anticipation that goes into that first day of school outfit, you’ll want to document it through your lens. Let them accessorize their outfit to the hilt, and then start snapping away. Capture every moment, from leaving your home to reuniting with friends, to waiting at the bus stop and getting on the school bus.

3. Chalkboard Messages

Photos with chalkboard messages on them are another fun back to school photo trend. Provide a small chalkboard photo prop that your child can easily write on and hold up. Provide colored chalk and an eraser, and have them write a series of messages to hold up for the photos: what grade they’ll be going into, a message about what they’re excited to experience this school year, some of their favorite things (musical groups, actors, etc.), the names of their friends, or a message for their teacher. Allow them to ham it up as much as they wish, or play it cool for some shots.

If you love the look of chalkboard, but not the mess consider a faux chalkboard printed backdrop!

Back to School PhotosFeaturing: “School is In” Chalkboard Printed Backdrop

2. Reading a Book

Capture your child’s studious side by having them pose with a favorite book, or a classic literary work that they would like to read someday. Reading glasses, an ornate bookmark, a reading lamp, bookshelf and an old-world office or desk setup with a globe can all function as props for this priceless shot. An apple on the desk might be a nice touch, too.

4. Showing Off New School Supplies

One of the most fun things about going back to school is getting all of those brand new supplies! From pristine notebooks and gleaming rulers to backpacks and brand new sharpened pencils, most kids love new school supplies. Why not capture the joy and delight of your children examining them or trying them out for the first time? Get some impromptu, spontaneous shots as well as them posing with the supplies while dressed up in their back to school clothes.

6 Ideas for Fun Back to School Photos | Backdrop Express BlogFeaturing: Chalkboard Letters Printed Backdrop

5. Multiple Subjects

If you have more than one child going back to school, be sure and get some group shots of the whole clan having fun together. Get shots of them with friends and the kids at the bus stop; the more, the merrier. Individual portraits are important, but group shots can capture a lot of really fun energy.

Back to School PhotosFeaturing: Schoolhouse Printed Backdrop

6. Back to School Backdrops

Photo backdrops with school related imagery can greatly enhance your back to school photo shoot at home. Imagery like a chalkboard, a school house or a school bus can create the perfect setting for your young scholar. If you don’t have your own library, a printed library backdrop can help to create the illusion for you.

These are just a few of the directions you can go with your back to school photo shoot. The more creative you can be, the more your kids will look forward to it each year. Make a back to school photo shoot a tradition with your kids, and friends and family will look forward to the results every year!

What other fun props or backdrop ideas have you used for creative back to school photos?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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