10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops

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10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops | Backdrop Express BlogPhoto by Ryan Walsh

Wedding backdrops offer the chance for brides and grooms to go beyond what’s expected and ordinary in photo backdrops. From highlighting the bride and groom to creating a wedding photo booth for guests, unique and creative wedding photo backdrops can help to set the mood for the day and carry the style and theme of a wedding throughout the space. Go beyond the typical floral arch or satin curtain and explore what’s possible. From innovative studio backdrops to origami art to a backdrop that glows, here are ten ideas to inspire you:

1. A Living Wall

Living walls are eco-friendly partitions that are literally alive with greenery, ivy and flowers. Find an existing living wall in a park, arboretum or other green common space, or plan ahead and grow your own. It can be mostly be greenery with just accents of flowers, or completely cloaked with your favorite succulents. A wall of gorgeous flowers in bloom will definitely make for a beautiful and memorable wedding background. 10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops

2. Paper or Silk Flowers

If a real living wall of flowers just isn’t possible, consider a paper or silk flower wall for your event. Create the wall ahead of time for the perfect setting. You can go for elegance and class, or add a touch of fun and whimsy though your flower selection and placement.

10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops | Backdrop Express BlogPhoto Source: Candice Benjamin Photography

3. Textured Rose Fabric Backdrop

If a 3-D wall of flowers just isn’t your style, a fabric rosette backdrop can set the scene with similar impact. Made of a thick taffeta material, these elegant backdrops feature large textured roses and can make for a great wedding photo booth backdrop!

Rose Fabric BackdropFeaturing: Silver Rose Fabric Backdrop | Photo Courtesy of Tami Wagoner Photography

4. Leather or Lace?

There’s no need to limit yourself to traditional or typical fabrics used in weddings. What are your favorite styles and textures? Go for layers of draped lace in white or your favorite pastel colors, or create the opposite vibe with leather-draped panels or wall art. Can’t decide? Try a bit of both. Experiment with layering fabrics and textures to set the perfect scene for your style and preferences.

10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops | Backdrop Express BlogPhoto Source: Onewed.com

5. Draped Silken and Sheer Fabric

Create a lush backdrop of shimmering silky fabrics with a light sheen layered with translucent sheer pieces in similar colors. This look is especially stunning for outdoor weddings when the breeze catches the fabric panels and makes them, move, flow and shimmer even more.

10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops | Backdrop Express BlogPhoto Source: Intimate Weddings Blog

6. Chalkboard Backdrop

Chalkboard art is all the rage for menu boards at artsy cafes, delis and restaurants — why not create a custom chalkboard wedding backdrop for you? If you and your partner are artistically inclined, you could even do it yourself. You can use chalkboard paint on a large piece of wood, or write on a Charcoal Gray paper backdrop. Add meaningful words, illustrations and poetry to convey the desired mood and sentiment for the day.

10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops | Backdrop Express BlogPhoto Source: Wedding Chicks Blog

7. Elegantly Patterned Backdrops

Choosing patterned fabric backdrops can result in a highly elegant, vintage or even a whimsical feel to your wedding. Made of high-quality, sophisticated matte fabrics, classic retro photo backdrop patterns can add a touch of nostalgic class to any environment or wedding photo booth. Choose from classic damask styles to textured flowers to modern geometric shapes.

10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops | Backdrop Express BlogFeaturing: Butterfly Felt Garland

8. An Origami Backdrop

This one could take some work and planning, but if you’re into origami, an original origami art background could really be a show-stopper. Gather your origami-loving friends together a few times and create as many paper cranes, origami swans or artfully folded angel fish as you can. String them onto fishing line and hang them from a trellis for a truly amazing and unique wedding background.

10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops | Backdrop Express BlogPhoto Source: Style Me Pretty

9. Creative Lighting Backdrop

Make the atmosphere electric and eclectic through artful hanging and streaming of those elegant all-white holiday lights. The tiny points of light can suggest stars, fireflies, shimmering ocean waves or any other glowing creative element you wish to include. Hang the lighting behind the bride and groom and from trees if outdoors; string them from beams and rafters if you’re using a loft, warehouse or other high-ceiling space. Add touches of colored lighting for a more playful feel.

10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops | Backdrop Express BlogPhoto Source: Green Wedding Shoes

10. Computer Printed Cloth Backdrops

If you don’t have the time or inclination to dream up a unique backdrop, let a computer printed backdrop set the scene for you. There are a wide variety of off-the-shelf designs available, including iconic landmarks from all around the world (if the wedding couple are travelers this is a great idea), natural environments like beach scenes, lakes and waterfalls, cityscapes and architecture as well as abstract and patterned styles. If you don’t see the image you’re looking for, provide a photo and have a custom wedding backdrop printed to your exact specifications. Now that you’re aware of what’s possible, let your imagination soar and make your wedding backdrop one to remember!

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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