7 Fun (and Spooky!) Ideas for Halloween Backdrops

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Halloween BackdropsPhoto Courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

Outside of Christmas, Halloween is one of the most anticipated children’s holidays. There are few things kids love more than being able to dress up as someone (or something) else for a day and getting free candy in the process. Some kids plan their Halloween costumes for months in advance, narrowing it down to their favorite superhero or current pop culture icon and then assembling the perfect design elements. With all of the thought, time and effort went into their costume, why not mark the occasion with fun Halloween backdrops worthy of how awesome they look? Whether you’re having a Halloween party or just want to capture your ghosts and goblins before they head out for trick or treating, a Halloween backdrop will set the scene for photos to treasure.

Halloween backgrounds can range from the spooky and mysterious to the festive and sweet. Many can work well for all ages; however, some styles might be a better fit for specific groups. For example, “spookier” backdrops are best for slightly older kids, while a backdrop depicting “cartoonish” elements is better for younger ones. Keep in mind that certain backdrops will be a more aesthetically-pleasing match for specific types of costumes and characters. For professional photographers, Halloween mini sessions can offer a fun opportunity for families to receive high quality photos of their little ones in Halloween attire before the big night of trick or treating. Festive props can be incorporated along with these backdrops in a studio setting for a Halloween theme. Backdrops can also be set up “photo booth style” at a Halloween party where all of the guests can get their spooky (or funny) portraits taken. Here are some Halloween backdrop ideas and possibilities to get your creativity flowing:

1. Haunted House

A Haunted House backdrop offers a classic Halloween setting for kids to pose in front of in their Halloween attire. While it might be “too scary” or foreboding for some of the smaller tots, it’s perfect for older kids who aren’t afraid to ham it up in front of a creepy house late at night. Lots of scary jack-o-lanterns are included in this backdrop, so no additional props are needed.

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Halloween BackdropsPhoto Courtesy of Eric Lagace Photography

2. Spooky Moon, Spooky Night

There are also innovative backdrops available that can take the “spooky” factor to some artistic places; a Spooky Moon backdrop features a stylized harvest moon and silhouetted tree and landscape elements for a more minimalist, artistic effect. Our Spooky Night backdrop features a crescent moon, night sky and creepy trees with foreboding branches. Not scary enough? A Creepy Graveyard backdrop should do the trick; a silhouetted tree, cross gravestones and a big, full moon in an artsy, purplish night sky are sure to give your trick-or-treaters tingles! Halloween Backdrops

Halloween BackdropsPhoto Courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

3. Crime Tape

Are you looking for a realistic looking, crime scene background for your zombies and villains? Our Crime Tape printed backdrop features bright yellow caution tape wrapped across a dark, distressed wood wall, making the perfectly eerie scene for your spookier costumes.

Halloween BackdropsPhoto Courtesy of Tripod Photography

4. Candy Corn

Candy corn is the quintessential Halloween candy, so it’s sure to delight on a Halloween backdrop. A Candy Corn backdrop helps to create a more whimsical Halloween effect; it’s less spooky than the Haunted House and helps to create a fun, lighthearted vibe — even on Halloween. Its bright candy corn pieces repeated for a wallpapered effect against purple and black is perfect for small children — or whenever a more festive Halloween atmosphere is desired.

Halloween BackdropPhoto Courtesy of 1QP Photography

5. Skull and Crossbones

Do you have some edgy, fearless little boys in your group? The Skull and Crossbones printed backdrop just might be the perfect setting for them. It features stylized, wallpapered skulls-and-crossbones repeated evenly over the backdrop for a slightly cartoon-like but impactful effect. Its black and white pattern makes it perfect for brightly-colored Halloween costumes to stand out with perfect contrast.

Halloween BackdropsPhoto Courtesy of Ashley Glasco Photography

6. Dark Forest

Drop your superheros into a creepy, dark forest with mystical eyes peeking from afar and have them give their best bad-guy fighting stance to ward off those spooky critters.

Halloween BackdropsFeaturing: Night Watchers Printed Backdrop

7. Abstract Halloween Styles

Another approach for your Halloween backdrop selection is to dispense with traditional imagery altogether and let your subjects take center-stage. Basic solid-color Halloween backdrops like Pumpkin Orange and Deep Black Fabric can help you to achieve this while bringing classic Halloween colors to your studio. Step it up a couple of notches with an Orange/Black Chevron backdrop with alternating zig-zag stripes; for a more Gothic look, a Black & Red Damask backdrop can really kick up the style of your shoot, and it’s ideal for adult Halloween parties.

Halloween BackdropsFeaturing: Teal/Black Grunge Damask Printed Backdrop, Black/Orange Chevron Printed Backdrop and Black & Red Damask Printed Backdrop

Halloween backdrops are a spooky and fun way to set the scene and make your Halloween photos even more memorable. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a parent looking to photograph your children, Halloween backdrops can create the perfect eerily festive setting. Bring Halloween backdrops to your home, studio, photo booth or Halloween party this year, and create iconic images to treasure!

Are you offering a Halloween mini session this October? What kind of studio setup are you using?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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