33 Image Hosting Sites To Share Your Photography Portfolio

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With the advance of new technology and accessibility of the internet, tools for storing and editing your digital photography have never been more available to the general public. The ability to easily host and share your photographs online gives you worldwide exposure and a convenient advantage for amateur and professional photographers. Here are 33 amazing image hosting sites where you can share and host your photography portfolio:

1. Photobucket

Photobucket is the grand-daddy of all internet photo sharing sites. Not only can you store thousands of photos, organize your albums and videos for free but you can share through email, mobile phones and IM. Signing up and sharing via Facebook, MySpace and Twitter is straightforward and easy.

2. Flickr

Flickr is another well established and inventive photo sharing, video sharing and social networking website that allows you to share your photos and videos for free. Flickr’s powerful photo editing tool combined with user friendly features makes this site hard to beat.

3. Fotki

Fotki is a useful site that offers an FTTP (file transfer protocol) recovery for images on another site. This service is great for users that are on the go and that use printed images for their hobby or career.

4. Care2Connect

Care2Connect is a sprawling network of globally conscious and responsible businesses and users. Joining the community is no charge, but you get a cap on how many images that can be uploaded in a month.

5. Facebook

Facebook has in the neighborhood of 600 million accounts and is the proverbial “Elephant in the room.” The ability to reach that many people is unheard of and any serious photographer would be remiss to overlook this free publicity machine.

6. SmugMug

SmugMug is a top tier option that offers utter control and a wealth of options that most photo-sharing sites cannot contend to offer. For the high-end serious user mostly, but budding photographers can find help and focus here as well.

7. Picasa

Picasa Web Albums by Google is a very popular tool that is offered free. The program is updated regularly and is a nice addition to a set of tools for mostly amateur or beginning photographers.

8. Zenfolio

Zenfolio is another of the top of the line feature driven sites that offers little in the way in annoying advertising and a great deal in the way of useable features and a streamlined interface.

9. MobileMe

MobileMe Gallery is another great application from Apple©. Clean interfaces with strong features make this a great mobile application that is strong enough to suit most users that need photo sharing options.

10. Snapixel

Snapixel is great tool to find images that you are looking for, or know what you want to do with the photos you have. The site is suitable for uploading and sharing as well as purchasing mid- to professional level pictures for projects and media. Five gigs of storage space is serviceable amount and they support other functions like mapping and geo-tagging.

11. Fotolog

Fotolog is a novel approach to blogging, replacing the text and words with a visual image that chronicles each day. Designed to get you jumpstarted and taking photographs regularly, there is a ten photo a day limit that gets you on the path to taking pictures regularly.

12. DeviantART

DeviantART is another site that has been around seemingly as long as the internet. Community and sharing is the name of the game here as are the options and ability to buy custom clothing and other creative pieces of art.

13. Shutterfly

Shutterfly is the site of choice for many do-it-yourself photographers and underground artists getting their start. Free to use and unlimited space is offered and you have the choice to offer your pictures for sale. Many other ‘for pay’ options await as well.

14. SnapFish

SnapFish has users all over the world and millions upon millions of users and is the trusted site for countless photo enthusiasts. Storage, customization and product creation are all here in a simple to use format.

15. Zoomr

Zoomr is a photo-sharing site that has many options and different levels of accounts. Nice site if you know what you are looking for and do not need all of the bells and whistles and rewards of some of the bigger sites.

16. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a mobile application that while strong for a mobile application, lacks the true depth needed for many photographers. Useful if you are mid-level and need help with editing tasks that are not complicated, and the free account will suffice for many mobile phone picture-editing fans.

17. PBase

PBase is like many of the sites out there, except the trial version is a bit unforgiving in that once your free trial is up, you lose your work if you do not pay for the upgrade.

18. 23 Photo Sharing

23 Photo Sharing is focused on organization and keeping your projects in a central location, not scattered across the universe or your desk. You are easily able to send photo to other social sites and you can bulk upload and edit.

19. Webshots

Webshots is a site that concentrates more on ecommerce, or producing and buying products than storage or editing. Webshots is very useful for families or novice users looking for unique and memorable gifts.

20. Animoto

Animoto offers services that you can do on your computer if you have high-end software or knowledge of editing. Animoto saves a lot of time and training and lets you go to their site and get videos made and create slideshows for fun or for work.

21. ESnips

ESnips claim to fame is the ability to use more than photos to store. More as a scrapbook or a central storage unit for your tablet or laptop, eSnips lets you store video and music. Sharing is relatively simple and you can access your files from any computer.

22. Blue Melon

Blue Melon has a handy desktop application with one gig of storage that will connect you to your favorite social media site and allows you to easily share and upload via their drag and drop system.

23. Shozam

Shozam is a great help for the budding photo-for-sale artist as it lets you set up a webpage for your creations and art that connects you with the users that want to see your work. The site is extremely easy to use and gets you up and selling in mere minutes.

24. LifeSnapz

LifeSnapz is like an online photo album designed for connecting families over the internet. You can make family tree or timelines of your travels and events and share them easily with friends and family members.

25. Jalbum

Jalbum is very similar to other applications that you can upload to and share. Options for beginners or causal user are present and the layout is very similar to Picasa.

26. Kodak Gallery

Kodak Gallery is useful for those that are already familiar with Kodak and use their products. The focus is creating printable products such as calendars and printed posters. Kodak Gallery is another easy to use novice application.

27. iPhoto

iPhoto is a combination photo editing and sharing suite that also allows you to make custom products. If you want your editing and creation software or tools in one spot, this is for you.

28. Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is one of the many things Microsoft does and does it reasonably well. You are able to view and access all of the photos on your computer and edit share and create in one centralized spot.

29. Panoramio

Panoramio is a quickly expanding venture that is integrated with more and more applications every day. You are able to view certain parts of the world and specific places where people have been and uploaded photographs.

30. Phanfare

Phanfare offers unlimited storage that even includes High Definition videos. Seamless backup options prevent a catastrophic loss of all of your work and you get your own unique URL for sharing your creations.

31. Woophy

Woophy is an ambitious site that is calling for a picture of everywhere in the world from amateur photographers. More of a community project or social network than photo sharing or editing site.

32. ImageShack

ImageShack is bare bones, straightforward and uncluttered site that rehashes many of the other features that many sites offer. Though not easy on the eyes, the site does offer some tools but there are many better options available to those that search.

33. TinyPic

TinyPic.com is useful for the ability to post pictures to social media sites and share without needing to send huge photos. Streamlined and free of troublesome ‘features’, you are still able to use unlimited storage.
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Photo Credit: elizabetheastcobber via Flickr

For those photographers out there looking for exposure, these photo sharing websites can be a fun and easy way for you to get the recognition you seek. With all of the resources above (free or paid), you will be on the path to globally sharing or photo editing freedom. Happy picture taking!

Which image hosting site is your favorite, and why?

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-Backdrop Express Photography Team


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