5 Inspiring Ideas for Patriotic Pictures

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5 Inspiring Ideas for Patriotic Pictures | Backdrop Express Blog Whether it’s the Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, or any number of national holidays, there’s no shortage of opportunities for Americans to wax patriotic. Because of this, a patriotic photo shoot can make an impact any time of year, especially for military families. Whether an active duty loved one is about to be deployed or is already overseas, there are lots of creative and inspiring ways to take patriotic pictures the family will treasure for generations. From marking the moments before deployment to surprising your soldier with a steamy pinup shoot, here are five great ways to celebrate the stars and stripes through patriotic pictures:

1. Patriotic Engagement Photos

Blessed is the soldier who has a partner waiting at home for them, standing alongside them, offering love and support through good times and bad. Military couples can celebrate their amazing partnership in an unforgettable way through a patriotic engagement shoot. Have the soldier dress in uniform and the partner wear patriotic colors; incorporate the American flag, a patriotic backdrop, and other elements of the stars and stripes. The result? A truly moving and memorable patriotic engagement photo session.

5 Inspiring Ideas for Patriotic Pictures | Backdrop Express Blog

2. Pre-Deployment Photo Shoot

A “pre-deployment” shoot is another great way to provide the family with professional pictures to hold onto while a military family member is deployed far from home. As with a patriotic engagement shoot, the soldier can dress in uniform, with family members wearing outfits that complement the theme. The shoot can take place in their home, out in a park or natural setting, or even in front of a military monument.

3. Newborn Shoots

Patriotic newborn photos with a newly-returned father or a newborn who hasn’t met their father yet can tug at the heart strings, capturing moments that otherwise pass by far too quickly. Consider photos of the newborn sleeping on an element of their parent’s uniform, hat, etc. One truly creative and memorable photo we found taken for a father who was overseas featured a baby wearing a dog tag that read, “I love you, Dad — I can’t wait to meet you!” An idea like this would make for a truly special photo to send to a parent who is unable to see their new child in person just yet and inspire them as they complete their tour of duty.

5 Inspiring Ideas for Patriotic Pictures | Backdrop Express Blog

4. Patriotic Pin Up Shoots

Throwback pinup shoots and images have become more popular in recent times, and a patriotic theme would be perfect for the military wife who wants to surprise her husband. This type of shoot can help to boost morale and keep the couple connected while the soldier is deployed many miles away. Old-school swim suits, pencil skirts, military looks, fishnet stockings and bright red lipstick are just a few wardrobe ideas. Find inspiration for pinup themes on Pinterest and go as retro or as racy as you dare.

5 Inspiring Ideas for Patriotic Pictures | Backdrop Express Blog

5. Fourth of July Party Photo Booths

In addition to newborn photos, another impactful and creative way to photograph older military kids is with elements of their parent’s uniform. Snap patriotic pictures of kids wearing Mom or Dad’s hat, jacket, boots or gear. The Fourth of July holiday is a fun, inspiring and patriotic time for families and kids alike. Have fun with red, white and blue outfits, parade props, Uncle Sam hats and beards, sparklers, noise makers, oversized patriotic glasses, the American flag in varying sizes, colored streamers and balloons. Have a family portrait taken in front of a bright, bold 4th of July backdrop. You might also consider setting up a photo booth at your Fourth of July picnic and offer several themed backdrops to choose from. Be sure and have plenty of patriotic posing props on hand for your guests to play around with.

Clearly, there are many ways for Americans to show their patriotic spirit in photography. While Fourth of July brings out the patriot in all of us, a red, white and blue-inspired shoot can have a profound effect any time of the year. Military family photo shoots have sparked a lot of patriotic creativity; from pre-deployment photos to red, white and blue family memories, these inspiring themes create patriotic keepsake photos the family will cherish for generations.

Have you shot a photo session like any of these? What were some fun props or poses you used?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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  • Caryl Anne


    All of these are excellent ideas! I love the idea of a pre-deployment session! It means the world and more to have a recent photo with you of your loved one. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


  • Tera


    As we approach July 4th, please remember that our nations flag is not a blanket, a toy or a casual photo prop. It should be treated with respect and never laid on the ground, draped over toddlers or used for any other purpose, (such as the newborn images in this post), other than to stand as a symbol of our nation and a reminder of all the men and women who have given their lives to protect us. There are plenty of patriotic items that look like flags that you can incorporate into your sessions without using an actual flag. If you’ve never read the Flag Code, please do so before attempting to use it in a session


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