What Are Mommy and Me Photo Sessions?

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What are Mommy and Me Portraits? | Backdrop Express Blog All too often, Mom acts as just the photographer of family memories, always behind the camera, never in the photos. Mommy and me portrait photography sessions are an opportunity to change all that, allowing Mom to become an integral part of images that depict the loving, timeless bond between mother and child.

Mommy and me photo shoots are special, intimate sessions that feature a mother with her child or children. The results of the shoot can make great gifts for Dad, grandparents, godparents, friends or Mom herself. The photos can be given out over the holidays or as a “just-because” gift any time of the year. Mommy and me photography isn’t just for little ones; this specialized type of portrait photography can work wonderfully with children of any age. Following are some tips for successful mother and child portrait sessions:

Setting and Location

The photo studio is always a great option for portrait photography. It tends to work best for newborns since it’s a quiet, controlled and comfortable setting. The studio can be great for older children as well, but outdoor settings are an option, too. Some mothers prefer that the shoot take place where they spend the most time with their children: in their home.

Clothing Choices

Simple clothing styles tend to work best for mother and child photography shoots. Recommend coordinating colors or patterns to your clients to ensure they look their very best and complement one another. A trend for moms and daughters is to wear matching clothing made of the same material. You can rarely go wrong with solid, neutral colors like ivory, tan or cream. Heavily textured or patterned clothing might distract the viewer and make the final photos too “busy.” Allow for the natural essence of the maternal bond and the moment to be the focal point. For babies, you might consider having them wear just their diaper, or try adding a diaper cover in material that complements the mother’s outfit.

What are Mommy and Me Portraits? | Backdrop Express Blog

Photography Backdrops

Childrens’ backdrops can be a starting point for your shoot, but neutral solid colors like ivory or Bone seamless paper are popular for this style of photography; a soft color palette creates a warm, cozy, inviting feel. Any subdued color can work very well with small children; consider cool blues, grays or earth tones for boys, and lilac, coral or pale yellow for little girls. Vintage style or weathered wood backdrops can complement some looks and themes, or go for striking contrast by choosing an industrial textured look.

What are Mommy and Me Portraits? | Backdrop Express BlogBone Seamless Paper Backdrop | Grace Hill Photography

Mother and Child Poses

Now, it’s time to start snapping. Be sure and try out a variety of looks and poses — silly, smiling, and serious are just the start. Let your creativity guide you to fun and heart-warming scenarios. Here are just a few posing ideas:
  • Naptime. Have mother and child lay near one another pretending to sleep. Use soft blankets and/or a favorite stuffed animal to embellish this precious scene.
  • Nursing. A tastefully made breastfeeding photo can turn out very beautifully if the mother wishes to go in this direction.
  • Vintage looks. Consider using vintage backdrops, furniture and props to create a timeless, classic look in the photos.
  • Playing together. Older babies and children love to play with Mom, and their interactions can provide loads of spontaneous material for the photo shoot.
  • Out in nature together. Consider some photos of mother and children out in a park, enjoying a botanical garden, watching butterflies or blowing some bubbles together in their yard.
  • Mom reading to the kids. Children love story time, and a mother and child photo featuring Mom reading to her children can create a heartwarming image.
  • At the beach. Kids love the beach, and there are lots of opportunities there for adorable compositions. Have Mom and the kids build a sand castle together or look for seashells; just don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • Eating ice cream. Kids and ice cream were made for each other (especially outdoors in the summertime), and Mom can join in on the fun. Save this idea for last just in case things get messy.
What are Mommy and Me Portraits? | Backdrop Express Blog Be sure and ask Mom for her feedback before and during the shoot. Encourage her to look on Pinterest or other websites for compositions, prop ideas, themes and inspiration, and you can do the same. Find out ahead of time if there are specific “looks” she would like conveyed in the photos. Mother and child portrait photography is an art form all its own, but these ideas can help get you started.

Have you offered a mommy and me portrait session? How popular was it?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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