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Professional photography is useful for all industries and subjects. Photographing musical instruments is a fun and exciting way to get into the world of music photography. To some people, a photograph of a guitar may not be very interesting. However, to others, especially music fans, it can be a work of art. There are many different uses and needs for instrument photography, including music websites, promotional materials and decorations for a music-themed room. By themselves, guitars, pianos, and violins are all beautiful instruments, but they can appear even more beautiful if shot with the proper techniques, lighting equipment, props and photographic backdrop.

1. Silhouette

A silhouette shot of an instrument can make the photograph appear elegant and mysterious at the same time. To shoot a silhouette you will need to place the light directly behind the object. This will make the instrument appear black and the photo background a lighter color. You can also use this technique to shoot someone playing the instrument.

2. Lighting

No matter what type of photography you are shooting, different lighting techniques will always make a photo look more interesting. Play around with the light position until you find the desired look and feel. One idea is to draw the viewer’s attention to a specific part of the instrument, i.e. the neck of a guitar. You can do this by shining the light directly over it and aiming it toward the neck.

guitar on white photography background

3. Black and White

Black and white photography is more dramatic than any other type. This technique can be used to shoot the instrument by itself or it being played.

4. Creative Settings

Place the instrument in different settings. Be creative when selecting a setting. For example, take the instrument outdoors and prop it up against a tree, lay it on a child’s slide or beach chair in the sand. Or perhaps you may want to use a green screen backdrop to add in a wild background design.

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    Very helpful advice within this post! It’s the little changes which will make the largest changes.


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