Muslin Backdrops & Green Screens

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green screen backdrop You’ve probably seen the use of green screen techniques in movies but you might not know that you can use a muslin backdrop or chroma key paint to create a neutral background. This allows you to add different backdrops later. Muslin and chroma key paint each have their advantages and disadvantages, including their cost. For the most part however, you can get professional results by using either technique. Muslin Muslin backdrops are most effective when it’s used to only cover a medium to large sized space. Once muslin cloth has been washed, it can develop wrinkles and distortion due to shrinkage that can appear in your final picture. Fortunately, when it is used, muslin has a matte finish that does not cause light distortion from flash bounce or from ambient light. If your muslin cloth has developed minor wrinkles, you may be able to iron them out gently to get a bit more use out of the cloth. Muslin cloth, usually available in neutral colors like white, can easily be found at a local craft supply store. Painting muslin cloth with Chroma Key paint can give your muslin cloth the perfect green color for changing backgrounds later. Green Screen Green screen backdrops, also referred to as chroma key backdrops, are most commonly used in movies that have a lot of special effects but the technique can also be useful for professional and amateur photographers. When a green screen is used as a background for common portrait photography, the possibilities for adding a picturesque image behind your subject are endless. Green screens can also be rented if you have particular budgetary constraints or you don’t need the use of a green background frequently. Once you have an image of an actor or other object in front of a green screen, you’ll use a photo editing program to simply replace the green with an image of your choosing. It’s important to remember not to have actors wear any type of clothing that is green, because those areas too, will be replaced.

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