New Year’s Eve Photography Tips

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New Year's Eve Photography The countdown clock is fast approaching the last tick of another year. Many people are contemplating resolutions and eagerly waiting for their annual New Year’s Eve party. While we cannot help you lose a few pounds, give up a bad habit or chisel out more time with the kids, if you are resolved to capturing the final moments of 2015 with fantastic New Year’s Eve pictures for your album, we do have a few tips for you to move you closer to your goal!

Most experts agree that capturing exciting holiday photos—especially pictures of fireworks displays—requires planning. The first step is to pack your photography bag with all the necessities like batteries, extra storage cards and flash attachments (if you use removable flash accessories).

Stow the tripod in the car if the party is not at your place. You won’t need it for your typical party photo, but it will come in handy for shooting outside in the dark and low light areas inside. Use the tripod and an extension trigger if your camera has a timer so YOU can get in some of the New Year’s Eve pictures. Remember, these are your memories and you should be part of the pictorial record!

The best preparation for taking an exceptional holiday photo and lots of representative pictures from the big bash is to know your camera. Experiment with aperture and f-stop settings before the big night. A camera’s aperture must be open enough to capture light reflecting off of your subject. Manual settings allow you to control the amount of light better than automatic settings can.

If you have the space, set up a fun photo booth with props for guests to jump into all night long. Photo booth shots make for perfect memories of a New Year’s Eve gala. Sequin Backdrops show off a glitzy and glamorous background for more formal parties.

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While you are mingling with other party guests, you will not have all of your studio gear essentials like backdrops and light kits to make those sequined dresses pop in your portraits, but you can use the ambient lighting to your advantage.

Most portrait experts—agree that when it comes to delivering stunning, memorable portraits, that lighting is everything.

1. Consider the Available Light

It is important to consider the type of lighting at the New Year’s Eve party and adjust your camera settings accordingly. Incandescent and fluorescent lighting require different approaches.

2. Adjust White Balance Settings

Manually setting the white balance usually produces better results than using auto settings. Consult your camera manual before the party if you are not sure how to change these settings.

3. Flash Versus No-Flash

Use the ambient lighting available and forego the flash if at all possible. Look for candles, low-hung lights over tables and other light fixtures that might give you a “sweet spot” to capture a poignant holiday photo. You can use your flash to highlight subjects in the foreground, but as a rule a no-flash party photo will turn out better.

4. Shooting Around Bright Lights

There will probably be a lot of bright, twinkling lights at the New Year’s Eve party. Keep those bright lights behind you to avoid dark pictures.

Whether you are going to have a private show or you will be watching a professional display, the tips below will help you capture the perfect New Year’s Eve pictures for your album.

New Year's Eve Photography
  • Use a slow shutter speed.
  • Use a smaller aperture setting adjusted for your ISO. (f/16 to 22 for 400, f/11 to 22 for 200 and f/8 to 16 for 100 are recommended.
  • Use an ISO setting of 200 to 400 and avoid the automatic setting options.
  • Use a tripod
  • Fill your frame and switch off between horizontal and vertical formats depending on the environment.
For more in depth details, read the entire NYIP article on photographing fireworks here.

It’s a party—have fun! Don’t be afraid to try new techniques. Play with angles and lighting. Here’s to successfully achieving your first New Year’s resolution—an album of fantastic party photos to enjoy for years to come.

Will you be attending any New Year’s Eve parties with your camera in tow?

 -Backdrop Express Photography Team

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