Newborn Photography Props: Using Posing Bowls & Crates for Better Staging

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newborn posing props Newborn posing bowls and crates are trendy studio props that can bring your newborn photography to the next level! Rustic bowls add interesting character, prompt creative posing and can help fill the frames nicely. Stocking up on newborn props and accessories are important to provide a wide offering to diverse clients who may be looking for special portrait styles or themes for their newborn. Providing a perfectly-sized, small area to lay your newborn model in gives a much easier foundation to pose with rather than laying them on a large bed or floor mat where they may lay flat and unflattering.

Posing Crates

Wood posing crates can provide a rustic or vintage look to your setup. Crates are generally made of reclaimed wood and are popularly treated, stained or painted to add even more vintage and rustic characteristics. They are perfect for setting your baby up in different poses from laying on their back to sitting up. We recommend throwing in a newborn posing pillow or two to lift the baby up and add comfort, and then disguising it with thick, comfy blankets or a Posing Braid for a soft and cozy look to surround the baby.

newborn posing propsFeaturing: Stained Wooden Posing Crate

Did we mention they are a great corral for young, on-the-go models, too? 🙂 newborn posing props

Posing Bowls

Our Posing Bowls are another great option for posing newborns. Bowls are typically made of resin and some may feature prominent scratches and carving marks to really bring that vintage look to your photo. You can couple the bowl with a fur blanket or mohair wrap and immediately have a cuddly base to lay a sleeping newborn on.

newborn posing bowlsFeaturing: Notched Trench Bowl

What are your favorite props to pose babies in?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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