Our Top 10 Favorite New Backdrops of 2015!

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Photography Backdrops Here at Backdrop Express, we strive to continue to build and diversify our product offering every month according to photography trends and through research finding out what YOU want to see! From the efforts of our amazing design and product team, we’ve built our photography studio equipment to one of the largest. While we may be a little biased and love ALL of our backdrop items, here are our top 10 favorite new photo backdrops from 2015!

1. Tranquil Pool Printed Backdrop

Our Tranquil Pool Printed Backdrop is the base for a fun and creative summer pool hangout session in studio, especially with your littlest models! Plop them on a tiny inner tube with their cutest bathing suit and big sunglasses and shoot from above to replicate a real swimming pool!

Photography Backdrops

2. Watermelon Planks Printed Backdrop

Our Watermelon Planks Printed Backdrop packs a punch! If you’re stuck indoors during the hot summer months, recreate the best summertime feelings in the studio with this bright, fruity floor.

Photography Backdrops

3. Vintage American Flag Planks Printed Backdrop

Our Vintage American Flag Planks Printed Backdrop is a must-have background setup for 4th of July themed portrait sessions. The worn planks add a rustic, country feel that pair great with vintage wood props.

Photography Backdrops Photo courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

4. Gold Glitter Chevron Printed Backdrop

Our Gold Glitter Chevron Printed Backdrop is the perfect alternative to using real glitter in your studio! Throwing confetti around can get messy to clean up, but this patterned printed backdrop helps bring in that extra-special sparkle for little girls and teens with no clean up!

Photography Backdrops Photo courtesy of Coco Captures

5. Aqua Ombre Wood Planks Floordrop

Our Aqua Ombre Wood Planks Floordrop is a unique take on your standard wood floordrop. If you’ve seen too many brown rustic wood planks, change it up drastically with a blue gradient that will make everyone take a second look.

Photography Backdrops

6. Champagne Sequin Fabric Backdrop

Our Champagne Sequin Fabric Backdrop is a timeless, stunning complement for most any subject. Real sequins sewn onto this fabric backdrop shimmer and sparkle against your model, and can be blurred for a bokeh look, too.

Photography BackdropsPhoto courtesy of Kyla Branch Photography

7. Reclaimed Wood Floordrop

Our Reclaimed Wood Floordrop adds a stripped wood style that we’ve found pairs nicely with most backgrounds, no matter the color or design! If you’ve got a stand-out background, consider using this neutral wood floor to complement without overpowering the subject.

Photography Backdrops

8. White Oak Planks Floordrop

Our White Oak Planks Floordrop is an ultra-rustic painted wood floor that is great for country-vintage photo setups.

Photography Backdrops

9. O’Starry Night Printed Backdrop

Our O’Starry Night Printed Backdrop is a twinkling, dreamy winter background. Gentle falling snowflakes will make any holiday portrait session extra festive.

Photography Backdrops

10. Festive White Planks Floordrop

We don’t think there’s a better Christmas-styled background than our new Festive White Planks Floordrop! It brings some of the best holiday props together like Christmas trees, holly and big snowflakes.

Photography Backdrops

Have you ordered any photo backdrops this year from BE? Which one was your favorite?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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