Collapsible Backdrops Add Flexibility To Your Photography

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Collapsible Backdrops Add Flexibility to Your Photography | Backdrop Express Photography BlogPhoto by Ryan Walsh

While many photographers love their studios, most need to have some flexibility when it comes to taking photographs on the go. One tool that is great for this purpose is a collapsible background. Collapsible backdrops are available in many styles and offer a great deal of flexibility for photographers, especially those who work on location.

Choosing the Best Backdrops for School Pictures

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Best Backdrops for School Pictures | Backdrop Express Blog The school pictures business is an area that’s full of misconceptions. Visions of herds of children, boring school photo backdrops and trying to hand out little free combs to each child can dominate the stereotype. However, school portrait photography can be a solid cornerstone of your photography business. It is virtually recession-proof, as schools always need new school pictures taken every year. In large cities, there can be literally hundreds of public grade and high schools in need of your services, as well as many private schools, daycare centers and preschools. It not only is a great way to reach many families, but it can be an amazing way to generate a substantial income.

Top 24 Free Photo Editing Programs

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Although digital cameras (including the little ones we carry just about everywhere embedded in our phones) have improved immensely in their capabilities for capturing and auto-correcting images, there are still times where photo-editing software can save a scarred image, or enhance an already excellent one.
Digital Photography
Although the obvious, professional-level tool is the not-so-budget-friendly Adobe Photoshop®, users who don’t have the funds for this can utilize any of these easy-to-use, free photo-editing in-browser or downloadable software to solve this problem. Note that most, though not all, of these software programs perform tasks including photo cropping, resizing, touch-ups, eye removal, photo book creations, border additions, slideshows and watermarks. Many are impressive and comparable to programs found in stores, and since open-source software tends to be user-created, there is usually a plethora of helpful information and bug repairs for these software. These benefits are part of the reason why users choose free photo-editing, rather than purchasing expensive software.

How to Capture Creative Athlete Portraits

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 How to Capture Athlete Portraits

Playing sports while in school has been linked to higher academic success and overall personal satisfaction in a number of studies of high school and college students. Student athletes are a special breed, and your sports photography, athlete photos and portrait photography should strive to reflect this.
Student athletes tend to exude confidence and character both on and off the playing field; an air of poise and success follows them whether their team is #1 or not. Athlete photos and sports photography should capture the unique essence and personality of each athlete. Impactful athlete photos require some different considerations than traditional portrait photography. Bring your sports photography portraits to new levels of creativity by following these tips:

How to Become a Vintage Photography Expert – Part 2

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vintage photo of woman in retro clothing and sunglasses

In step with the current trend of “what once was old is new again,” vintage-look photography has experienced a resurgence in recent times. From brides and grooms to new moms, more and more clients are requesting a vintage look. The good news is that vintage photography doesn’t require professional retro equipment or old-school skills; there are some simple DIY techniques you can use to create that vintage vibe. Try these photography tips for making new or existing photos look vintage:

10 Tips for Perfect Headshots

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female headshot

A killer headshot for a model, actor or performer could determine whether they get a call for a gig or not. CEOs, executives, real estate agents and healing arts professionals rely on professional headshots to convey expertise and trustworthiness. Actually, pretty much anyone who offers a service these days needs a professional headshot for their website and/or promotional material.

How to Take Great Sports Photos

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A portrait of a hispanic basketball player It doesn’t matter if you are trying to take a sports photo of your child playing little league baseball, capture your favorite basketball player in action or are interested in becoming a professional sports photographer; the techniques to getting great, clear quality photos are all the same.
There are some things you must know before snapping those amazing action shots. By knowing these 5 simple tips you will be able to capture a good action photo with professional quality composition. Read on to get started with your sports photography venture.