10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops

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10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Backdrops | Backdrop Express BlogPhoto by Ryan Walsh

Wedding backdrops offer the chance for brides and grooms to go beyond what’s expected and ordinary in photo backdrops. From highlighting the bride and groom to creating a wedding photo booth for guests, unique and creative wedding photo backdrops can help to set the mood for the day and carry the style and theme of a wedding throughout the space. Go beyond the typical floral arch or satin curtain and explore what’s possible. From innovative studio backdrops to origami art to a backdrop that glows, here are ten ideas to inspire you:

5 Ways to Use Computer-Printed Backdrops

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Computer Printed Backdrops

Printed backdrops, megapixels, custom backgrounds, computer printed backdrops — while the origins of photography can be traced back to 1790, it certainly has come a long way since then. The very first printed photography image emerged in 1826, and the first color photograph in 1861. Backdrops in portrait photography showed up in the mid-1800s and were primarily painted vignettes on canvas, cloth or curtains. The first digital cameras emerged in the 1980s; it’s hard to believe, but the term “megapixel” was used for the first time in 1984 — not very long ago. These days, digital photography is the norm. Technology continues to shape other aspects of photography as well, including the selection of props, backdrops and studio equipment that are now available to the photographer.

Bokeh Photography

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city scape bokeh

One of the most interesting styles of photography is Bokeh. In Japanese, Bokeh means blur, but there is definitely an art involved in arranging the aperture just right and creating a blur that enhances the overall look of the photo. These photos can be gorgeous when done right, or when chromatic aberrations of lens aperture shapes. The aperture number and/or the shape of the blade determines how the Bokeh will ultimately look. If an eight blade diaphragm is used, a polygonal Bokeh will be the result.

The 5 Best Software for Tethered Photography

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photographer using tethering softwarePhoto Credit: Ryan Walsh

As nice as it is to have a little screen on your digital camera in order to see your shots, if you are going to pursue real studio photography it is advisable that you take things a step further and enter the realm of tethered photography. Along with your tethered photography kit, you’ll need a software program to facilitate the process from camera to computer. With tether software your camera is connected to your computer allowing you to examine your shots in full screen mode, which makes for better editing and a smoother review process with your client. Here’s some commonly used software for tethered photography that can make finding the right shot that much easier.

9 Tips to Better Workflow

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male photographer holding camera

Managing your work flow as a professional photographer can help you experience success or contribute to your failure, as it plays an essential role in your ability to get the job done and done well. You can make the most of your time, eliminate frustrations and be prepared for any disaster with proper photo storage and backups. On the other hand, poor planning or carelessness could be as detrimental and unprofessional as leaving your lens cap on during a photo shoot — do not neglect to make use of the following tips or you could find yourself left in the dark at a crucial time.