Caring for Your Photography Backdrops

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Photo Credit: Aqua Photo

Photography backdrops are an important asset to every photographer’s business. Knowing how to care for your backdrops will increase the life and quality of your investment. Some backdrops are machine washable, some require just sponge cleaning and others are expendable. Here are our comments and suggestions of how to care for your backdrops.

Tips For Pet Photography

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Pug wearing a coat on a white backdrop

Photo Courtesy of Real Exposure Photography

Many people love having professional looking photos of their pets, and for good reason. Pets are great subjects for photography, but most are not used to photo shoots; growing accustomed to the studio lights and camera can take plenty of time, repetition, and patience. Try some of these tips to make sure your shoot goes well!

5 Tips for Great Headshots

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businessman headshot The use of headshot photography is more prominent and highly favored than any other technique in the industry. It is essential that professional photographers learn how to produce the best possible headshots for their clients during every shoot. The following five tips will help ensure that your subjects look their best in their headshots every time.

5 Photography Tips for Beginners

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Being a seasoned photographer with years of professional experience is not necessarily a prerequisite to capturing beautiful, professional looking photos. Even the newest of photographers can capture breathtaking, award-winning photographs. Photography is a hands-on learning experience and practice makes perfect, but a few tips from the experts cannot hurt either.

Food Photography 101

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Food Photography on a 26" Seamless Paper Backdrop If you are interested in getting in to a niche photography market, you may consider entering the exciting world of food photography. As the name implies, food photographers capture enticing, rich images of food. This business is a commercial specialty. Food photographers strive to provide the appealing presentation of food products for use in marketing materials, packaging, and restaurant menus. In order to earn a reputation as an exceptional food photographer, you will need to work with a support team consisting of an art director, a food stylist, and several assistants. These creative artists will ease the process of breaking into food photography business.

10 Great Photography Blogs You Should be Reading

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photographer shooting camera The internet has brought us an endless source of information, lessons, and How-To blogs to help us learn how to do just about anything—from solving the Rubik’s Cube to cooking the perfect strawberry shortcake to photography. However, with all of these options that oftentimes provide contradicting advice, it can be hard to know where to go to get quality, professional-level advice. To point you in the direction of the best photography tips and tricks, here is a list of 10 of my favorite Photography Blogs to get some advice from, aside from Backdrop Express, of course!