Setting up a Backdrop for Product Photography

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product on a white seamless paper background

If  you are displaying product photographs on your website or in a product catalog, you want to make sure your product photographs look professional. Taking the right steps when setting up your studio and photography backdrop will help achieve ultimate professionalism. There are four basic components involved; setting up the backdrop, positioning the product, arranging the lighting, and setting up any props that you might want included in the final photo.

Using Muslin Backdrops in Digital Photography

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Smoke Hand Painted MuslinPhoto by Eldeen Annette Portraiture

A muslin backdrop is light fabric background, which can easily be transported for on-location photo shoots. Not only do photographers like the light weight construction of the muslin fabric, they also like the versatility and variety of colors they can choose from when selecting a backdrop.

5 Ways the New Air Flow Tech Table™ Makes Tethered Photography Even Easier

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female model using tethered photography

At Backdrop Express we’re very proud to announce the newest addition to our product line – tethered photography equipment!

What is Tethered Photography?

Tethered photography is a common term used to describe when a photographer connects (or “tethers”) their camera to their computer or tablet, typically through either a USB wire, FireWire, or wirelessly. During a tethered photo shoot, when a picture is taken, the photo bypasses the camera, is saved directly to the computer’s hard-drive, and displayed instantly on the  monitor or laptop screen. This process gives both the photographer and the model/client instant feedback on the photographs being taken.