Food and Drink Photography Tricks

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Finding out how you can take wonderful stock pictures of both food and beverages can be a true challenge. In order to master this kind of photography, you have to have a solid understanding of lighting technique, how to work with angles, how to work with food, and a studio setup. In food photography, what you want to accomplish is to make the food you work with look nearly irresistible to the viewer. These photos will be used by companies in advertising campaigns, on packaging or in ads placed in magazines. No matter where an image is used, the food captured in it should entice and motivate the viewer to want it. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon be able to take amazing stock photos of food and beverages.

5 Tips for Choosing a Studio Backdrop

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Have you decided to make the move to your own studio?  If so, you’re probably spending a lot of time deciding on which lights, stands and light meters to purchase.  Have you given any thought to what photo background you will use?  Here are 5 tips to help you select the perfect studio backdrop for your new space.

33 Image Hosting Sites To Share Your Photography Portfolio

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With the advance of new technology and accessibility of the internet, tools for storing and editing your digital photography have never been more available to the general public. The ability to easily host and share your photographs online gives you worldwide exposure and a convenient advantage for amateur and professional photographers.

Advantages Of Photographic Umbrellas & Soft Boxes

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Photographers use soft box or an umbrella to manipulate the lighting that is used to focus on the subject or object being photographed. Both umbrellas and soft boxes decrease the harshness of direct lighting and can reduce the risk of unwanted shadows appearing in a photo. If you take a look at an image taken with an on-board flash, you’ll understand the problems that occur when relying only on that type of light source.

12 Photography Tips to Capture Better Pictures

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Photography is not just snapping photos of beautiful people and things and producing high-quality pictures by luck. Hard work must be put forth from the both the photographer and the subject in order to create valuable images. There are so many techniques, tips, and methods to shooting properly. If you need some pointers for improving your photography, look no further. Here are 12 general tips and tricks to capturing better pictures.