Advantages Of Seamless Paper, Muslin, & Digital Backdrops

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model on a light blue seamless paper background

Photography backgrounds are an essential component of a complete studio setup. The photo backdrops are made from a variety of materials. Seamless paper is a disposable paper backdrop, muslin is a woven cotton fabric, and digital backgrounds are actually placed in the photograph during post-production with a special computer program.

Each type of photo backdrop has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s a good idea to learn the different features, benefits and limitations of each type before buying or utilizing one. As you do, you can determine which backdrop is best for your style, needs and preferences.

5 Indoor Portrait Photography Tips

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model in front of a dark photography background
If you have been searching for the answer to how to take amazing photographs in your own home or small studio, look no further! The tips below will provide you with the knowledge to pull off great images without using a multi-source lighting set-up in the studio. Read on to discover how beautiful portraits can be taken using a single-light lighting technique.

How to Take Great Food Pictures

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There’s more demand than ever for amazing food photos for restaurants. Owners of restaurants request images that capture the beautiful, delicious essence of their dishes in order to sell their services. Bloggers who specialize in food utilize images to let people know when a restaurant exists or is about to open. Other kinds of potential customers might also prefer to capture an image that represents their experience. Here are some tips on how to take good pictures of food.

How to Take Amazing Prom Photos

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Prom photo, prom photography, prom High school prom is easily one of the most significant events in any teenager’s life. With this grand affair comes tuxedos, fancy dresses, flowers, limousines, and of course a mass of photographs. What better way to capture the memory of a Senior Prom than with photographs of the whole evening? Whether you’re an amateur photographer trying to get a few shots of your child and their friends on this special day, or professional photographer looking to shoot on location with backdrops and props, here are nine tips to help you take the best prom pictures!

25 Things You Should Know About Photo Backdrops

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Photography Backdrops

Professional photography backdrops vary in style, size, material and color, to fit any type of studio or special event’s needs. Understanding the basics of each type of photo backdrop can be quite a daunting task for beginner studio photographers. Below we offer you some quick, helpful facts to set you on the right path to deciding which backdrop would work best for you and your clients.

How to Choose the Right Backdrop Color for Your Portrait

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Photography Backdrops A good portrait really emphasizes the subject or subjects in the frame, so that their face, clothing and body stands out above everything else. In other words, nothing should distract from the subject of the portrait, making the photo backdrops chosen for the portrait more important than a novice photographer may think. Different colors of seamless paper or muslin will convey a different tone and mood to the portrait itself and also change based on the subject’s skin tone, hair color, clothing and eyes. With a keen understanding of how different photography backdrops affect a portrait, a photographer will have more options when it comes to changing the mood of each portrait they shoot. Below is a breakdown of all the different colors that can be used as seamless backdrops for portraits and what is conveyed through each one.

5 Tips to Taking Unique Facebook Party Pictures

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Photos Courtesy of Megan Youngblood

There are over 100 billion photos hosted on Facebook, with thousands more added daily. In this current information age, being a photographer is not any real distinction. With Instagram, Photoshop and other digital photography tools so easily accessible, it can feel like everyone is a photographer today. But after seeing Grandma tagged in over 100 photos, perhaps you would like your Facebook pictures to stand out a little.

Next weekend, instead of taking the same boring cliche party pictures, here are 5 easy ways to make your photography a little more creative and unique. Spice up your weekend shots and take some pictures your friends will actually want to be tagged in the next morning!