Glamour Shot Backgrounds

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With glamour shots, the subject’s face is most important, however the photographic backdrop plays an important role as well as it helps to set the tone of the photo. There are many options, and choosing the right one will enhance your subject and assure that they look their best.
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One option is to use textured backdrops. A fabric with a rich texture, such as velvet or brocade adds a luxurious feel. It reflects light and brings a glow to the backdrop for photography while leaving most of the attention on the subject. Models should dress in a color that contrasts the backdrop to prevent the photo from getting a “floating” look. Bold architecture also makes a great photographic background for glamour photography. Brick walls, libraries, and windowed building have strong lines that can enhance the dramatic feel of the photo. Blurring the background will help assure that your subject remains front and center and is properly complemented by the lines in the structures. Nature provides a surprisingly elegant option when it comes to formal glamour photography. A grassy lawn, a forest with autumn leaves, or a patch of evergreen can bring just the right amount of rustic flair to a high fashion shoot. Using light gradient is also an effective way to bring your subject front and center in a photo. Using gels on a white seamless backdrop creates a subtle color that adds drama when the brightest part of the light is directly behind the model. Spotlights should be placed above and below the subject and should point at the backdrop. With this method light appears to be coming directly from the model’s body.
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What Every Beginner Needs to Know About Photography

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For many people photography means pictures like sunsets and vacation photos, but photos of daily life can also be valuable. Product photos are one example, and they don’t always come easy. Knowing how to shoot a good photo will not only help family photos look better, but taking good product photos for Craigslist or eBay could even help you reel in a few sales.

7 Basic Accessories for Photographers

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Professional photographers have a few basic supplies they must have in order to build a successful business. Having a good camera is essential. Having a few photographic backdrops for variety is helpful. There are few other accessories that make it easier and more efficient to take great shots. Consider the seven items below when you are stocking your studio.

Choosing a Backdrop for Your Photo

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A lot goes into taking a great picture. Knowing your camera and how to use its various features, picking the perfect subject, and finding the right backdrop are all important components of a great photo. Many people tend to underestimate the impact the backdrop of a photo can make, and how important it is to choose a backdrop wisely in order to enhance, and not overshadow, your photo.

How to Photograph on Backdrops

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Professional photographers use backdrops because they know it makes the shot appear more interesting, visually appealing and a great way to frame the subject. Backdrops can be as simple as a solid color or as elaborate as complete scene. Scenic backdrops can easily be enhance by having your subject hold or lean up against a prop. The background you choose should enhance the overall look of the photograph.

Muslin Backdrops & Green Screens

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green screen backdrop You’ve probably seen the use of green screen techniques in movies but you might not know that you can use a muslin backdrop or chroma key paint to create a neutral background. This allows you to add different backdrops later. Muslin and chroma key paint each have their advantages and disadvantages, including their cost. For the most part however, you can get professional results by using either technique.