Black Or Dark Photography Backdrops

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One way to get a great look out of your photographic backdrops is to experiment with black photographic backdrops. By choosing black or darker colors for your photographic backdrop you add an element of drama that will draw the viewer’s eyes right to your subject. By experimenting with your light set up you can get varying effects. You can use a white or colored spotlight against your subject for a softer or vibrant feel, or let clothing fade into the backdrop to focus on your subject’s face and bring a little mystery into your photo shoot. 
In addition to black or dark muslin backdrops you can also go with collapsible black backdrop making it easy to bring your black background on location, so you won’t be limited to studio backdrops. On location you’ll find accessories that will pop out of a black backdrop. With the right background support system you can experiment with a wide range of sizes from 10′ x 12′ to 10′ x 24′, giving you lots of choices of ways to shoot photos against your black/dark photographic backdrop.

Choosing A Photographic Studio Backdrop

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When choosing photo backgrounds, photographers have a wide range of choices available, and each choice offers different benefits and drawbacks depending on the conditions involved in a photo shoot. By choosing the right type of  photo backdrop the photographer can achieve the affect they are looking for… The choices of backgrounds for photography can include muslin, chroma key,photographic cloth, canvas, and vinyl.

Choosing The Right Studio Backdrop

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There are so many different types, designs and styles of photography backdrops to choose from when selecting a backdrop for your studio. There are two types of backdrops that are popular among photographers : muslin and canvas. When selecting a photographic backdrop you must make a list of your photo needs and your studio’s needs.

Plain Backdrops: How Are They Effective For Still Life Photography?

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When undergoing your still life photography project, it is important to choose photography backdrops that allows your subject as much opportunity as possible to shine. That’s why the best images are achieved when you are able to keep your backdrops simple and seamless.

Photography Techniques : Portrait Light Setting With A Background

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The background on a portrait can enhance the photographic value of the photograph as well as complement the subject. There are a variety of ways to enhance the look of the photographic background, including the use of lighting, backdrops, and shading.

A graduated backdrop can eliminate any unwanted shadows that can be created by strong studio lighting. To create a graduated backdrop you will need an off-camera strobe flash, a grid spot and a remote flash trigger. Also, use a simple photographic backdrop placed behind your subject in a color that will complement the subject’s outfit.

Set up for your portrait as you would normally, including rim, fill and key lights. When placed on the flash head of the camera, the grid spot, will force the light from the flash to be more direct. This will give you more control over the lighting.

Set the flash so it points toward the area of the photographic background where the shadow from the subject will be cast. To find where the shadow will be cast, position the key light in place and shoot sample flashes. To ensure you will get the desired background effect, take several sample photos at various exposures. You may have to experiment with lighting power, position and camera setting until you get the desired effect. Remember, the key to finding the right background and lighting effects is experience and experimentation.

Comparing Studio Lighting Equipment

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Comparing Studio Lighting Equipment | Backdrop Express Blog

The tools you have in your photography studio are only as good as you are familiar with them. For example, how well you know your equipment, and their uses, could be the difference between that sought after million dollar shot, or just a so-so picture. And if you’re just taking average pictures, chances are you’re not going to be in business very long. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or an up-and-coming amateur photographer looking to make it in the business, a review of your lighting equipment from time to time is essential to keeping you on your game.