Photography Techniques : Portrait Light Setting With A Background

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The background on a portrait can enhance the photographic value of the photograph as well as complement the subject. There are a variety of ways to enhance the look of the photographic background, including the use of lighting, backdrops, and shading.

A graduated backdrop can eliminate any unwanted shadows that can be created by strong studio lighting. To create a graduated backdrop you will need an off-camera strobe flash, a grid spot and a remote flash trigger. Also, use a simple photographic backdrop placed behind your subject in a color that will complement the subject’s outfit.

Set up for your portrait as you would normally, including rim, fill and key lights. When placed on the flash head of the camera, the grid spot, will force the light from the flash to be more direct. This will give you more control over the lighting.

Set the flash so it points toward the area of the photographic background where the shadow from the subject will be cast. To find where the shadow will be cast, position the key light in place and shoot sample flashes. To ensure you will get the desired background effect, take several sample photos at various exposures. You may have to experiment with lighting power, position and camera setting until you get the desired effect. Remember, the key to finding the right background and lighting effects is experience and experimentation.

Comparing Studio Lighting Equipment

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Comparing Studio Lighting Equipment | Backdrop Express Blog

The tools you have in your photography studio are only as good as you are familiar with them. For example, how well you know your equipment, and their uses, could be the difference between that sought after million dollar shot, or just a so-so picture. And if you’re just taking average pictures, chances are you’re not going to be in business very long. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or an up-and-coming amateur photographer looking to make it in the business, a review of your lighting equipment from time to time is essential to keeping you on your game.

Tips And Tricks For Photographing Babies And Children

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baby on green photo background

Photography is an art form and when you are photographing babies and children, there are many tips and tricks you must remember in order to be successful. Babies don’t know how to pose for the camera yet and children are usually hesitant around strangers, so it’s important to let them be as natural as possible and have fun with the photo shoot.

Green Screen Apparel Makes Anything Possible

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Green screen backdrops are a remarkable technological tool that allows producers and directors to shoot a scene in a studio environment and later add whatever background they choose. This may be a computer generated background based in science fiction or a filmed and computer generated background from a far off environment. The green screen makes the options limitless.

Light Stand with Adjustable Boom Arm

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If you are looking to illuminate or diffuse light in hard to reach places, whether indoor or outdoor, the light stand w/ adjustable boom arm might be exactly what you’re looking for.  It’s compact, lightweight design, and versatility allows any photographer the ability to reach angles, heights and depths that normal light stands or assistants can not accomplish.  This Savage Equipment Light ® Stand w/ Boom Arm is constructed of heavy duty aluminum, includes adjustable boom arm, durable leg locks and quality constructed sand bag. The entire unit easily collapses and fits into the included nylon carry bag. It’s a perfect addition to your onsite or offsite locations!