Photographic Backgrounds: Plan your Choices

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The Definitive Guide to Establishing The Ideal Background for Photographs. One of the most important pieces of equipment for photographers is the photographic background. These are important for several different reasons. One of the primary reasons a background is so important is because it enhances the quality of your images. A photographic background allows you, the photographer, to be creative in drawing people’s eyes toward your images. Photographic backgrounds therefore have an important role in the field of photography. In addition, a background adds vibrance and attractiveness to your images. The key to a great image is the ability of that image to bring an observer nearer in attraction, because of an inescapable design. Utilizing a photographic background to manipulate the illumination enhances interest and also the feel of the image. One of the most important components of a great image is the timing.

Making a Decision About Your Photographic Background

It’s important to choose a photographic background that suits your personal style. Initially, you need to decide exactly what you want and assemble everything that you will need for a specific photographic project. Professional photographers have already developed their own ability to define a specific style or theme that will best suit a project. This enables them to quickly determine which background is perfect for a specific project.

Photo by: Art Ketchum

Choices of Photographic Backgrounds

There are several different choices you’ll have when looking at photographic backgrounds. These include seamless paper rolls, cloth, vinyl, or muslin, doe suede, solids, hand painted, tye dyed, and reversible backgrounds.

Making Your Own Photography Background

You can also consider creating your own photographic backgrounds, either literally from material or by using photo editing software that is typically used in post-processing. Using a program like Photoshop, you can create attractive and effective backgrounds by being creative with colors, textures and gradients. Brushes, often with added texture, can enhance any gradient or solid background and you can also mix and match different backgrounds for added interest. Novel background images, which can be found free on the Internet, can be used to create your own signature photographic backgrounds.  

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