Photographing Kids: Inspiration for Posing Boys

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posing boys Baby and kid photographers don’t have it easy when it comes to working with subjects and posing. When the perfect smile is captured in one shot amidst 100 other blurred faces as your model darts away, it can get tiring! Full of energy and an inquisitive nature, young boys take tact and patience to guide them through a successful portrait session. Here are 7 simple tips to keep in mind when photographing and posing boys to capture fun and genuine portraits.

1. Coax out their suave style and tough guy looks.

posing boysFeaturing: Bright White Fabric Backdrop | Courtesy of michLg studios

2. Try a few traditional poses for simple, classic shots.

posing boysFeaturing: Bright White Fabric Backdrop | Courtesy of Paula Davis

3. Bring in props or toys and let them have fun with them!

posing boysFeaturing: Ocean Blues Striped Printed Backdrop

4. Incorporate their interests and hobbies.

posing boysFeaturing: Grassy Field & Lightning Printed Backdrop

5. Encourage them into any pose with lots of treats afterwards. 😉

posing boysFeaturing: Gold Sequin Fabric Backdrop | Courtesy of Kyla Branch Photography

6. Give them something to do with their hands.

posing boysFeaturing: Tranquil Snowflake Printed Backdrop | Courtesy of Tripod Photography

7. Ask them to show off their muscles!

posing boysFeaturing: Teal Argyle Printed Backdrop

What tricks have you learned from photographing young boys?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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  • Ken


    The thing I have learned most about photographing boys is that you must learn their interests, otherwise the photos look fake. Photograph them in their element and it always turns out right.


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