Photography Marketing: 7 Key Steps for Using Instagram to Launch and Promote Your Business

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instagram for photographers With social media so readily available for free, it should be a pillar of your photography marketing efforts. Instagram photographers are able to network, make connections, and garner followers that can eventually become clients, all while promoting their best work. Instagram is made for sharing photos, so what better way to promote a photography business? Here’s how to make the most of Instagram for photography marketing:

1. Create a Separate Business Account

While some photographers choose to combine their personal and business postings in one account, you should strongly consider creating a separate Instagram account for your photography business. You can still get somewhat personal in your postings, but the business marketing objective of the account always should remain front and center.

2. Create a Dynamic Profile and Bio

Your Instagram profile should contain your website and/or blog address, email address, and a concise bio that conveys all that you want customers and potential customers to know about you.

3. Make it Public

Be sure to set your Instagram profile to “public” so that potential new contacts and clients can find you.

instagram for photographers

4. Post Intelligently

Everything you post should have value and utility for your readers. Avoid sharing too much or getting too personal (or mundane). Consider posting no more than once or twice per day, and make each post count. Some examples of relevant, high quality content might be:
  • Your best work (consider watermarking your shared portfolio photos
  • Shots of your studio setup or equipment
  • Behind-the-scenes snaps at photo shoots
  • Candid smartphone shots of yourself editing or packaging your work
  • Photos of your activities or hobbies related to photography
  • Personal photos that showcase your abilities
  • Previews of upcoming projects or business developments

5. Connect with Others

Get involved in the Instagram community by finding and following relevant users. For example, connecting with vendors and other wedding professionals increases the odds of your being able to form win-win relationships. Follow your favorite wedding planners, florists, invitation designers, calligraphers, stylists, dress shops and venues. If they like your work, they just might recommend you to their customer base. Be genuine and take the time to comment on their work. Many mutually beneficial business relationships have begun on Instagram.

instagram for photographers

6. Make Use of Hashtags, Tags and Geotags

Hashtags are words or phrases that have the pound sign (#) in front of them. They are used in front of existing/trending topics, or you can create your own unique hashtags related to your work. The most common uses for hashtags are for a theme, location, event or trending topic, and making use of them can help you to generate new followers. Try to use at least one hashtag per post, but ideally no more than five. The most popular Instagram tags can be viewed here.

You can also tag other users with the at (@) sign. If a post or image applies to a specific person or group on Instagram, be sure to tag them.

Geotags can help you link to your location in Instagram posts. This feature allows users to find and connect with your business when doing searches related to specific locations. You can use this feature by turning on the “add location” setting in your account, and Instagram will then be able to link to the relevant location. If posting about an event after the fact, a geotag can be added manually.

7. Get Your Followers Involved

Once you start to accumulate followers, consider different ways you can help keep them active and engaged with your business. Hosting a game or contest are a couple of possibilities. You might offer a prize of one your own signed, matted and framed art photos, or perhaps discounts on your photography services. Instagram promotions can be a great way to get users talking about your business and spreading the word. Be sure to create a specific hashtag for your contest or game so that it’s easier to track how many users have gotten involved.

Photography marketing has never been easier and more affordable than with social media, and Instagram is one of the top outlets photographers should consider. With Instagram photographers have access to a social media platform that’s ideal for visual media and photography marketing. Use these seven steps to make the most of your photo business Instagram account.

Do you have some valuable Instagram marketing tips that work for you? Share them with us in the comments below!

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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