12 Photography Tips to Capture Better Pictures

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Photography is not just snapping photos of beautiful people and things and producing high-quality pictures by luck. Hard work must be put forth from the both the photographer and the subject in order to create valuable images. There are so many techniques, tips, and methods to shooting properly. If you need some pointers for improving your photography, look no further. Here are 12 general tips and tricks to capturing better pictures.

1. Meet Them Eye-to-Eye

Crouch down meeting your subject’s view to capture the sparkle in their eye or the perfect curve of their lip. Create a collection of personalized candid shots without the subject looking directly into the camera.

2. Keep the Flash On Outside

The fill flash setting is beneficial outdoors because it improves the pictures by lighting dark shadows under the eyes and nose. Using flash brightens faces on cloudy days.

3. Use Simple Backgrounds

Don’t take pictures without first scrutinizing the background. Be sure there are no trees or poles shooting up from behind your subject. Avoid backgrounds full of clutter. The best option for ensuring a seamless background is choosing a studio photography backdrop.

4. Make it Vertical

Tall buildings, like the Empire State Building, hold greater appeal when in a vertical shot. Simply turn your camera sideways and start shooting.

5. Lock the Focus

If your subject is off-center, sharpen up the picture by locking in the focus. You can do this by centering the subject, pressing the shutter button halfway down, re-framing your subject where you want it (don’t let go of the shutter button!), and then press the shutter button the rest of the way down.

6. Make it Off-Center

Photographers visualize a grid pattern in your viewfinder, and place your subject along one of the lines. Don’t forget to lock in the focus because your camera will more than likely focus on whatever is in the middle.

7. Get a Close Up

Create pictures with impact by filling the entire frame of your viewfinder with your subject. Use of the zoom feature on your camera is helpful, or you can simply take a few steps closer.

portrait close up of woman

Photo Credit: Jason Christopher 

8. Learn Your Flash Range

Avoid dark pictures taken beyond your camera’s flash range. This is ten feet or 10 paces away from you. Study your camera’s manual and learn your flash range.

9. Don’t Forget Lighting

You want great pictures, so you’re going to need great lighting. Avoid overhead sunlight when taking pictures of people, and opt for a cloudy day’s soft lighting instead. If you’re taking landscape shots or other scenic views, the sun’s play on shadows and color is best during early morning and when the sun is setting. An in-studio lighting setup offers the most reliable, consistent lighting for a shoot.

10. Black and White Photos

Experiment changing the settings or editing your photos to be in black & white. Try to see the world without color. Pay attention to contrast and tone while blocking the distraction of colors, and you may be amazed with what you might capture!

girl pulling hair on white background

Photo Credit: Trevor Brady 

11. Direct Your Pictures

Take charge of sessions using props, arranging subjects and experimenting with angles. Cluster subjects together or allow for a free flow like in the case of children playing.

12. Play with Your Camera Shutter Speed

Use a slow shutter speed to capture moving objects and use a fast shutter speed to freeze an object in motion. Sports enthusiasts will usually combine a fast shutter speed with a long lens to capture in detail an up close expression of their favorite player in action. Remember, catching the moment in fast-paced action photography may take a little more practice than the other techniques listed here.

Do you have any photography tips to share with us?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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