15 Perfectly Pink Backdrops for Beautiful Portraits!

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Pink Backdrops Raise your hand if you love PINK! We know we do. A perfectly pink photography backdrop can help convey a style of elegance, affection, femininity or passion to your portraits. Not to mention, they can make your headshots really pop off the screen or print. Paired with the right model, accessories and props, pink backdrops in fun designs or bold tones will surely make your photos stand out.

We want to show off 15 of our most popular pink backdrops – which one is YOUR favorite?

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Ruby Seamless Paper | Courtesy of: Ryan Walsh

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Hot Pink with Black Swirls Fabric Backdrop | Courtesy of: Amy Raney Photography

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Flower & Wallpaper Printed Backdrop | Courtesy of: Halley’s Photography

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Pink Bokeh Printed Backdrop

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Pink Princess Chevron Printed Backdrop | Courtesy of: Simply Blissful Photography

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Candy Pink Fabric Backdrop

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Fuchsia & Pink Chevron Printed Backdrop

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Berry Damask Printed Backdrop

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Lipstick Kisses Printed Backdrop

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Tulip Seamless Paper | Courtesy of: Eby Photography

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Light Pink Plaid Printed Backdrop | Courtesy of: Simply Blissful Photography

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Coral Seamless Paper | Courtesy of: Catching Violet Photography

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Raspberry Pink Fabric Backdrop | Courtesy of: michLguerra photography

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Spring Pink Fabric Backdrop

Pink BackdropsFeaturing: Hot Pink Tufted Printed Backdrop | Courtesy of: Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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