Plain Backdrops: How Are They Effective For Still Life Photography?

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Photo : Edmond Leung

When undergoing your still life photography project, it is important to choose photography backdrops that allows your subject as much opportunity as possible to shine. That’s why the best images are achieved when you are able to keep your backdrops simple and seamless. If you are fortunate enough to work in a large studio, you may be able to forgo an artificial backdrop, however this is often not the case and it can be a struggle for many photographers to achieve a seamless background. It is more common for photographers to have a small studio or they may even need to make their own studio on the go out of collapsible backdrops they bring along to the photo shoot.

Photo : Roey Agmon

Choosing the right colors, or rather not choosing the wrong colors, is an equally important. Your best choice for a photographic backdrop is actually either a seamless black or white backdrop, although other highly neutral colors, such as grey or navy blue can be used. Vibrant colors, such as reds and yellows, should be avoided. By keeping backgrounds neutral you avoid having backgrounds bounce color onto the subject and possibly distorting the photo. Whether you are using a seamless background in a studio situation or are photographing products somewhere else it is important to avoid extra clutter in your photo regardless of whether or not you are using a backdrop. In any case, it is best to use a backdrop and keep it as plain as possible. You will also want to provide some type of contrast, so lighter objects and be photographed against darker backdrops, and darker objects will stand out against lighter backgrounds. As always, experience is the best teacher, and the more photos you take the more you will be able to find a sense of  personal style in your still life photography.

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