How to Plan a Perfect Valentine’s Photo Shoot for Kids

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How to Plan a Perfect Valentine's Photo Shoot for Kids | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Looking for a fun, inspiring way to get your kids involved in Valentine’s Day? How about a Valentine’s Day photo shoot just for them? Kids’ photography and holidays are a combination that’s always ripe with the potential for creativity and adorable moments, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. To plan the perfect Valentine’s Day photo shoot this year, consider these tips:

Valentine’s Day Wardrobe

Coordinating the kids’ clothing choices with your Valentine’s backdrops and props is key to a successful outcome. Plan ahead and don’t be afraid to be trendy, bold and unexpected in your wardrobe choices. Try vintage dresses with Mom’s heels. Reds and pinks can work very well, but feel free to experiment with other color choices. Just make sure your clothing styles and colors will complement your props and backdrops.  

Valentine's Day BackdropsFeaturing: Holiday Red Fabric Backdrop | Courtesy of A&W Photos

Valentine’s Day Backdrops

 Valentine’s Day backdrops will help create the ideal, love-filled environment in the studio. Pinks and reds will almost always work (unless your props are pink and red, too, and don’t offer enough contrast.) A Sweetheart Chalkboard Printed Backdrop can be an adorable choice for a playful setting; a Blushing Hearts Bokeh Printed Backdrop offers a more vibrant and dramatic setting for kids of any age.

Valentine's Day BackdropsFeaturing: Lipstick Kisses Printed Backdrop

Valentine’s Day Props

When it comes to props, oversized hearts are a given. Then there’s garlands, tutus, balloons, sunglasses, colorful chairs, headbands, suitcases, flowers and costumes, which can be found at discount stores or even around the house. Whether you go with found objects or professional photography props, try and go for shades of red and pink. White or cream props can work against pink and red backdrops as well. Also, small props like a Valentine’s card or heart-shaped sunglasses can give small kids something to occupy themselves with and make for some great photo ops.

Valentine's Day Photo PropsFeaturing: Vintage Flowers Fabric Garland | Courtesy of Stone-Hall Photography

Edible props are another fun option — think heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, frosted cupcakes, pink cotton candy or other irresistible treats. Zoom in for some closeups of little hands holding those little candy hearts with cute sayings on them. Edible treats are also useful as a reward for bribing restless tots or uncooperative kids. Consider trying some interactive props — let the kids play with confetti, silly string or soap bubbles and see what happens. There are also a huge variety of professional photo props on the market; see what you can with a faux bathtub, realistic flowers, vintage dresses and more.

Valentine's Day BackdropsFeaturing: Mocha Backdrop Paper | Courtesy of Coco Captures

Creative Compositions

Experiment with different angles; try getting down to kid level and shooting upwards at them. Take traditional mid-length shots, overhead shots and some up close and personal detail shots. Take a mixture of spontaneous clicks as well as posed shots. Use creative cropping to add interest, especially in those tight shots.

Valentine’s Day Kids’ Photography Inspiration

  • Having trouble getting the kids to loosen up? Put something on your head and ask the child to knock it off; they’ll probably start smiling and laughing as they do. If that doesn’t work, bring out the big guns: threaten to tickle them!
  • Let little girls practice putting on mommy’s makeup (including bright red lipstick) and zoom in for some closeups.
  • Zoom in on a tiny hand holding an adorable prop.
  • Take some shots of your child’s feet wearing adorable shoes, or while barefoot on red seamless paper.
  • Watch for those priceless candid moments between posed shots.
  • Have the kids blow kisses toward the camera.
  • Catch them in the act of blowing soap bubbles.
  • Bring a pet or two into some shots.

Valentine's Day BackdropsFeaturing: Ivory Backdrop Paper | Courtesy of korinrochelle photography

Have a Blast — and Make Sure the Kids Do, Too

Lastly, make sure to have lots of fun! Don’t get stressed out if the shoot isn’t going as planned; in fact, when it comes to photographing kids, you should “expect the unexpected.” Be ready to go with the flow and let kids be kids. Encourage them to be silly and creative. Praise their efforts when they start coming up with poses of their own. You just never know when that heart-warming keepsake shot will happen.

Do you love shooting holiday photography? What props do you use for Valentine’s?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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