Portrait Photography in the Corporate Setting

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Portrait Photography in the Corporate Setting | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

There are many reasons why companies need photographers. They may want their employees to have picture IDs for business security purposes or they may be putting together promotional materials. Whatever the reason, corporations look to hire a portrait photographer.

Plan Ahead

For the most part, corporate photos are taken on location, rather than in a studio. Because of this, it is important to prepare ahead before signing a contract. Spend some time in the area where you will be shooting so you can begin to envision logistic elements, such as how to properly set up the photography backdrop and how to arrange the lighting.

Find the Best Location

Confirm that you’ll have plenty of room for any group photos before you agree to the contract. Photos of employees will most likely look best with solid muslin or a collapsible backdrop and simple lighting schemes. But at times, those executive shots may occur in a room with windows or in a place with more professional flair, such as a board room.

Choose Your Lighting

With windowed rooms there may be either ambient or artificial light. The time of the shoot will make a difference, which is why pre-planning can be so important. Ambient light should only be used if the light from the window is very strong, which is especially important for corporate photos to be clear and sharp, without shadows showing against your photo background. Window light striking the subject from either the side will help prevent shadows, and an overcast day is ideal.

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Artificial light offers many possibilities to make corporate photos turn out their best. A single flash camera and a soft box may give you the look you are going for. Some photographers choose to invest in a portable studio, which includes a photographic backdrop, photo stand and two or three studio lights.

Shoot Early

Earlier in the day is usually the best time to take photos as well. Hair, make-up and even clothing are at their best, before employees get going into meetings and their daily routines. Corporate photography is more of a serious and professional job than other photo shoots typically. The most important thing you can do is come prepared. To add to your own professionalism, you may want to dress up a little, in business casual wear. You will stick out like a sore thumb if you show up to a corporate event in bright sneakers and shorts.

Have you taken portraits for a business? What advice do you have for others for how to prepare?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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  • Tom Sidock


    Unless you are being asked to be creative, ask to see the style of head shots they have been using.

    It is better to feather the key and fill than to point the light directly at the subject.

    Keep the lights at a slightly steeper angle to the subject, to minimize problems with glasses.

    Despite everything you know about lighting many businesses are traditional and will prefer flat lighting.


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