Portraits and Digital Photography

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The main thing to remember when striving to succeed in photographing portraits is to always capture your subject’s best side. Shoot your subjects as joyful, optimistic, happy and relaxed to capture emotions or behaviors that are positive. By doing this, you’ll be approaching success in capturing appealing images. In addition, you can take images of your subject when they appear more serious or focused. As an example, taking an image of a musician playing an instrument. Your musician may not attempt smiling or they may not even acknowledge your presence but obviously, you’re capturing them deep in concentration, doing exactly what they love the most. This can make for emotionally and artistically rich images. Of course, posing your subjects is also important.

The Importance of Photography Backgrounds

Once you have been requested to take a portrait, it’s important to consider your location. The place where you shoot your image is the same place that will become the photographic background. In the absence of a photography studio, you’ll have to make do with the location and equipment you already have. Create a list of places that are accessible and will support a great final image. Other considerations should include the presence of multiple subjects, the weather conditions, where you will shoot, what time you will be photographing and the kinds of lighting you’ll be using. Keep in mind that you’ll need to think about are things in the photography background that can cause distractions in the final image. You can work with these by being more creative in incorporating the surroundings. It is for this reason that you need to get to your chosen location and identify the surroundings so you can make a plan to photograph your subjects. The composition of your images is largely dependent on the photography background. If you’re intending to shoot a thoughtful and captivating woman dressed for the evening with a background that uses an industrial site, you won’t get a good shot if you capture a large, brightly colored piece of equipment that can destroy your image. When you are taking portraits, you’re usually working with a closely cropped image. You should keep in mind that simply because it’s a closely shot image doesn’t mean that none of the typical photographic guidelines apply. For example, no matter how closely you shoot a subject, the rule of thirds continues to apply. In addition, both shadows and highlights can enhance the final image.

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