15 Beautiful Portraits with Glitter!

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  Glitter Portraits Who doesn’t love to add a bit of sparkle to their portraits? If you’ve had glitter on your mind, but just haven’t been quite sure how you want to incorporate it into a fun photo session, we went scouting for creative and just beautiful portraits with glitter as the main theme, to give YOU some inspiration! We also found a few simple, great tips for helping your glitter portraits to go as successfully as possible!
  1. Plan your location. If you’re looking to do this project in studio, beware of the glitter sheet that will find it’s way into every crack and corner, if you’re not careful. Think about using a large, disposable backdrop like seamless paper that will be wide enough to capture most of the fallen glitter on it, and when you’re finished you can cut off the messy portion, fold it up so that the glitter doesn’t fall out and throw it away, instead of spending time vacuuming and picking it up by hand.
  2. Use the largest sized glitter you can find, instead of the smaller, fine glitter. Larger glitter will show up easily and beautifully in your final images.
  3. Don’t be afraid to add MORE glitter! The more the merrier, and the easier it will be to catch a good amount of sparkle in your shot.
  4. Stand back far enough from your model to steer clear of any rogue glitter making it into your camera.
  5. Use a wide aperture so that you can capture as much glitter as possible in the shot.

Glitter PortraitsPhoto Source: Grosgrain Fabulous

Glitter PortraitsPhoto Source: Steph Anderson Photography via Pinterest

Glitter PortraitsPhoto Source: Shea Drake’s Photo Blog

Glitter Portraits Photo Source: Hannah Lane Photography via Pinterest

Glitter Portraits Photo Source: Carlie Monae Fuentes via Behance

Glitter Portraits Photo Source: Otero Photography via Tumblr

Glitter PortraitsPhoto Source: Little Labyrinth Blog

Glitter PortraitsPhoto Source: Faces Photography

Glitter PortraitsPhoto Source: Creation Photo Blog

Glitter PortraitsPhoto Source: Alexandra Leroy and the Rainwood Productions via InspireFirst

Glitter PortraitsPhoto Source: Luminosity Productions via InspireFirst

Glitter PortraitsFeaturing: Tranquil Snowflake Printed Backdrop | Courtesy of TriPod Photography

Glitter PortraitsFeaturing: Red Snowflake Bokeh Printed Backdrop

Glitter PortraitsFeaturing: Pink Bokeh Printed Backdrop


Envisioning an ALL glitter portrait? Check out our beautiful, shimmering Sequin Backdrops to add even MORE sparkle to your glitter portraits!

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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