What are Poseable Backdrops?

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Using Backdrop Express Poseable Backdrop in Floor Photography In an industry that tends to have a lot of repetition and duplication, floor photography is an exciting new trend that’s catching on in the children’s photography world. This unique form of photography creates a 3D effect using 2D backdrops, props, and artful, creative arrangements. Instead of simply posing your subject in front of a backdrop, floor photography involves having your subject(s) pose while laying on the floor & photographing from above, allowing for fun, whimsical poses that wouldn’t otherwise be plausible.  Queenie Liao, a California photographer, has already taken this technique to impressive heights with work that creates a truly otherworldly and fantastical vibe.

At Backdrop Express, inspired by the new trend, we’ve created a new line of photography backdrops for floor photography, specifically designed for kid and newborn portraits.

Working with Poseable Backdrops

Poseable backdrops offer a variety of highly creative settings which range from storybook themes to natural settings to fantasy landscapes. Although these backdrops can still be hung in the traditional manner using a backdrop stand, they are also designed to be laid out on the floor.

Use props and other artful accessories to set the scene, and then have the infant or subject lay down and pose on the backdrop in costume to become the focal point of the backdrop scene. The overall effect is the creation of a fun, whimsical or even magical realm were the infant is a pivotal part of a fantastical or storybook setting. Shoot the photos from above for a collection of unique photos that make for great gifts and keepsakes. The final results can even be used to create an adorable photo album to be treasured for years to come.

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind:
  • Floor photography tends works best with young children who are either not yet mobile (infants & newborns), or with children who are old enough to follow direction.
  • Drops are available in a cloth material or as a non-slip floor mat. If intended for floor photography, we recommend purchasing the floor mat material as this will help avoid creases and wrinkles during the shoot

Poseable Backdrops for Floor PhotographyFloating in Love Poseable Printed Backdrop

Poseable Backdrop Themes

The potential for creative themes and ideas with poseable backdrops is virtually unlimited as interest grows in this exciting and inspiring infant photography trend. While poseable backgrounds themselves are not 3D, adding props can enhance the illusion and really make the scene pop. Here are some poseable backdrop setting ideas to help get you started with this new kids’ photography niche:

#1: A Jungle or Rainforest Motif

Outfit your newborn in a jungle-themed or monkey outfit and pose them to look as though they are Tarzan swinging on a vine through the jungle with a Tree Swinger Backdrop. Add colorful cutout images of other animals and birds to the shot if you wish.

Poseable Backdrops for Floor PhotographyDesert Cowboy Lasso Poseable Printed Backdrop

#2: Over the Moon

For photos that have a truly dreamy effect, pose your newborn on a Moon & Clouds backdrop in sleeping attire. With a ladder that leads to a whimsical crescent moon, a pillow of clouds and plenty of stars in the sky, peacefully sleeping newborns can be posed in a variety of ways to bring a new spin to naptime.

#3: Counting Sheep

Another adorable naptime theme idea is the age-old technique of counting sheep to help your little one get to sleep. While newborns are too young to understand this just yet, a Counting Sheep backdrop opens up a multitude of possibilities. A Sheep & Crib composition is another adorable take on this theme.

Poseable Backdrops for Floor PhotographySunshine Surfer Poseable Printed Backdrop

#4: Out of This World

Your photos will take on a decidedly cosmic twist with a Spaceman backdrop featuring a rocket ship, stars and planets printed on an outer space backdrop. Add an alien or two and a flying saucer cutout for an even more whimsical effect.

#5: Festive Balloons

Balloons and kids just seem to go together, and backdrops featuring colorful balloons can serve as a fun, ideal setting for your newborn or infant subjects. Pose them “holding” a bunch of balloons using a backdrop with a Float Away theme, or place them in a Hot Air Balloon in aviator goggles. A poseable backdrop featuring creative Button Balloons is another adorable option, and a Floating in Love backdrop featuring a bunch of heart-shaped balloons is sure to melt your viewers’ hearts.

Poseable Backdrops for Floor PhotographyGardening Poseable Printed Backdrop

The availability of poseable backdrops just keeps on expanding as this trend catches on. Butterflies, surfing waves, gardening, kite flying, butterflies and even a cat and mouse theme will keep your creativity flowing with this photography style for a long time to come. Have fun exploring the possibilities of poseable photography backgrounds with your infant and newborn photography subjects, and enjoy finding new ways to dazzle your clients.

Have you tried a similar newborn background setup? What was the scene?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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