Product Spotlight: Charcoal Gray Fabric Backdrop

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Charcoal Gray Fabric BackdropPhoto Courtesy of Melissa P Photography

The color gray is one of the most popular and basic headshot backgrounds photographers have used throughout the decades. While white typically connotes cleanliness and innocence and black gives off a sense of drama or sophistication, gray is the most neutral shade to fit any kind of subject well. Often used in fashion photography, many photographers find it convenient to be able to easily alter their gray background to a lighter or darker shade by changing their lighting setup. Our Charcoal Gray Fabric Backdrop is a top seller among BE customers, who believe one of its biggest advantages is its wrinkle-resistance. If stored rolled or loosely folded when not in use, our solid color fabric backdrops will only require a quick steam from time to time to keep them looking their best. The poly/poplin matte fabric is easily cleaned, durable and available in a wide variety of beautiful colors.

Here’s what a few Backdrop Express customers have told us about their new gray fabric backdrop as well as some photo inspiration submitted by our customers!

Charcoal Gray Fabric Backdrop “I bought this backdrop mostly for college grad portraits that I do a couple times a year. It got to me very fast and as described. I have used it once for a toddler shoot and it’s a little wrinkly, but easy to steam out. So far, so good!” – Karen Cooper, OK

Charcoal Gray Fabric BackdropPhoto Courtesy of  Inspiration Studio

“Can’t complain about anything with this backdrop. Have to be a little creative to make the gray pop but its a great neutral to have.” -Joel Wesseldyke, NJ

Charcoal Gray Fabric BackdropPhoto Courtesy of Your Destinee Photography

“Loved this backdrop. Such a versatile color and shoots well.” -Destinee Silberger, IA

Charcoal Gray Fabric BackdropPhoto Courtesy of michLguerra photography

“This is a nice neutral color that can be lightened or darkened with proper lighting techniques. Of course, this is a fabric type backdrop, so it does require steaming for every use. I like it, but its a little ‘high maintenance’ for every use (compared to paper).” -Rachel Sundheim, MT

How many gray backdrops do you have in your photo background stock?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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