Product Spotlight: Grunge Brick

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grunge brick floordropPhoto Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

Brick wall backdrops are a trendy way to create grungy portraits in the studio. Their worn, weathered and industrial appearance lends itself well to fashion photography and edgy senior portraits. Our most popular brick backdrop is our Grunge Brick – see what our customers like best about its realistic and cool style below!

“This backdrop is easy to warm, cool, or color when using gels on a speedlight. It goes from grunge to elegant. We very much like the printed cloth backdrops for ease of storage and hanging. They work well for our cramped studio space. They resist wrinkles and iron out easily.” -Bob Rider, CA

grunge brick floordropPhoto Courtesy of Keele Photography

“Love this backdrop. It’s my favorite so far. Looks 100% real!” -Vicki Spradling, IL

“This backdrop worked great for the dance portraits I took this year. The color balance was wonderful and also worked extremely well with the Floor Drop I ordered from background Express. The Backdrop is extremely light weight, does not wrinkle, and looks great on camera.” -Benjamin Martinez, CO

grunge brick floordropPhoto Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

“I used this last weekend and it is worked out well. Looks just like my model was standing in front of a brick wall.” -Gina Munger, KY

What are your favorite industrial looking backdrops to use for senior portraits?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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