4 Reasons to Use Seamless Paper

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A great benefit of photography is that you can take beautiful pictures in virtually any environment. Some photographers choose to focus on a certain niche, whereas others enjoy diverse settings. If you are looking into studio photography, utilizing a photo backdrop is essential. However, this does not limit your photography, as backdrops are made in a large variety of materials, colors, and design. Knowing your budget, studio size, subjects, and your own personal taste will help determine the best photo backdrop for you.

While there is some freedom in choosing a photography backdrop, you must pay attention to quality and appropriateness. You have probably seen an image shot against a background that did not fit the subject at all. This includes the use of distracting backgrounds like busy walls or paper with folds in it. These elements make for an amateur looking final image and can ruin an otherwise great shot.

What Types of Photography Backdrops Are There?

Nearly any material can be used as a photo backdrop but certainly some materials are better than others. High quality photography backgrounds include seamless paper, muslin, canvas, and vinyl. Common household material such as bed sheets or a piece of fabric can be used as a background, but to reiterate, do not sacrifice the quality and professionalism of your images for saving money on a cheap photo backdrop.

Pros of Seamless Paper Backgrounds

Seamless background paper is one of the most cost-effective and versatile types of backdrops.

1. Variety

Seamless paper can be found in a large variety of colors, ranging from Canary to Country Blue. White seamless paper is one of the most popular photo backdrops, as it is ideal for product, food and portrait photography. Backdrop Express offers 68 colors of neutral, pastel and bright seamless paper backdrops. dog on pure white seamless paper background

2. Convenience

Most commonly, you’ll find seamless paper in sizes ranging from 53″ to 107″ wide and each roll is typically 36′ long. We also offer a 86″ seamless paper size for photographers who desire a midsize width. It is wound around a cardboard tube for easy unrolling during a studio setup. Seamless paper rolls are easy to store and keep protected when they aren’t being used. You can purchase a paper storage holder to conveniently and efficiently store your paper. When the paper becomes too soiled for use, you can simply cut off the end and discard the used section.

3. Seamlessness

Seamless paper presents a seamless background from ceiling to floor. The advantage is that the backdrop transitions from wall to floor without a distinct edge. It flows perfectly, diminishing any background distractions from the subject.

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4. Cost

The primary benefit is the cost and availability of seamless paper. Since seamless paper is a consumable item, it is typically much less expensive that other types of permanent photo backdrops, and is readily available in local photo stores and online. So if you are a photographer who enjoys switching out backdrops all the time or just enjoys a large variety to choose from, seamless paper is the most efficient option for you.

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If you do choose to work with seamless paper, you also need to consider how you will suspend the large roll of paper for easy use. For added convenience, the paper roll is hollow and you can run a background support stand through the middle. For the support, you can use either metal or wooden rods, but be sure it is approximately a foot longer than the paper roll.

What type of photo backdrop is your favorite to use?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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