8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Digital Backgrounds

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Digital photography is a demanding, highly competitive profession. To have an edge, you must offer customers features and benefits they can’t get from your competitors. That’s why you owe it to yourself to find out how digital backgrounds can take your portrait photos to the next level. Here are just some of the many advantages they offer.

1. Set Yourself Apart From Competitors

They immediately set you apart from your competitors. Most photographers limit their customers to the same boring photo backgrounds they have been using for years. By offering fresh new options you’ll instantly become the go-to professional in your area. What’s more, those customers will buy more pictures per order, further enhancing your bottom line.

2. Offer More Options

You’ll be able to offer hard-to-please clients the option of having the backdrop of choice for their photos. For example, a trip to the Grand Canyon for a portrait session is probably impractical for you as well as them. However, with a green screen you can bring the Grand Canyon directly into your studio, with your customer standing there right in front of it.

3. Offer Creativity

You’ll enjoy an array of creative options you’ve never had access to before. Is your client a golfer? Imagine placing him or her on the links of the world’s greatest courses, without ever leaving your studio! With digital backgrounds your creativity is no longer limited by practical considerations.

4. Produce Higher Quality Shots

More of your photos will be high quality shots, rather than so-so ones than end up in the trash. Digital templates and backgrounds eliminate boring or unappealing background elements, filtering out imperfections in the composition and transforming it into a true work of art.

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5. Increase Profits

Your profits will soar, as you’re able to use the same shot multiple times simply by changing the background. Your customer can help you select the best backdrops, involving him or her in the process and boosting the chances they’ll buy more of your work. What would have been a $300 shot could turn into a $500-$600 session, without taking any more photos!

6. Tap Into Scrapbooking and Photo Albums

As you know, scrapbooks and photo albums are hot right now. You can use digital backgrounds to tap into this huge market, by customizing your shots to a particular theme your customer likes. For example, vacation-themed pictures are always popular, and you can use your expertise to create the perfect pictures for a family getaway scrapbook.

7. Edit Easier and Faster

In the digital photography business time is money, and background software can enable you to complete enhancements and editing jobs that quickly. You’ll be amazed at how much easier and faster the work is than when done in, say, Photoshop. This will decrease your turnaround time and make your working hours more productive. The result: more jobs, more customers, and ultimately more money in your pocket.


8. Win Extra Business

Even if customers don’t express interest in using a digital background from the onset, you can still win extra business from them. Simply take some shots with a green screen backdrop, then show them how their photos would look with background enhancements added in. Once they see the difference for themselves, you can be assured of additional business.

When do you use digital backgrounds?

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