When is a Scenic Background the Right Photo Backdrop?

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When is a Scenic Background the Right Photo Backdrop? | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Your backdrop choice is crucial to successful photography results. While solid colors and color blend backdrops will likely be your go-to choices in many scenarios, an artfully chosen scenic photo background can bring your images to new heights of creativity and impact. Today’s technology enables the manufacturing of computer-printed backdrops, which include a category of highly realistic scenic backdrop images. From nature scenes to cityscapes to urban textures to iconic landmarks, there’s a scenic backdrop for every event.

A highly realistic photo backdrop of a specific place or landscape can impress clients and viewers while creating the perfect atmosphere for your shoot. Here are just a few ideas for events and scenarios which would be enhanced by scenic backgrounds:

Theater Events, Recitals, School Performances

Are you putting on a small production at your school or organization? Whether it’s a play, a dance recital or any other type of performance, with printed backdrops, you can quickly and easily change out scenes and locations for your event. Printed backdrops are affordable, allowing you to have a variety of backgrounds on hand for every scene of your production. Don’t see the scene you need? Remember that you can custom-order the perfect backdrop for your production by simply providing a high-resolution photograph.

Scenic BackdropsFeaturing: Forgotten Hall Printed Backdrop

Themed Parties

Are you planning a tropical island-themed birthday party or work event? Why not set up a photo area with a beautiful beach scene for a fun, eye-catching background that would make for fun postcard photo mementos? Your guests are sure to treasure the images. Other party theme ideas could be a New York-themed New Year’s party with a Times Square or Statue of Liberty backdrop; a hip-hop dance party with urban-themed imagery; or a European village-look for an elegant wine-tasting event. Make your parties the talk of the town with the addition of scenic backdrops.

Scenic Backdrops

Special Events

Are you shooting a Prom, Homecoming dance or other special event where the participants will cherish the memories (and photos) for a lifetime? Consider using a scenic photo backdrop that relates directly to the special theme of the party, dance or event; some ideas might be: “A Night in Paris,” “European Escape,” “Spanish Villa,” “French Chateau,” “New York, New York” — or any other place on the planet. With scenic printed backdrops and custom-printing services, you can literally take your event anywhere in the world.

Scenic Backdrops


Take that ho-hum classroom presentation to the next level with realistic imagery of your topic. Scenic backdrops are available depicting just about any iconic landmark or natural wonder around the world. Need a rare or highly-specific scene that’s not available off-the-shelf? You can order a custom backdrop of ANY scene by simply providing a quality image that you would like to be depicted, which means your scenic backdrop choices are literally unlimited!

Trade Show Booths

Working at a tradeshow booth can be mundane, but not with a scenic backdrop. They can make a “boring” scene fun and attention-grabbing for both you and the attendees. Choose a scenic backdrop that coincides with the theme of your business, your product or any special promotion you might be running.

Photo Booths

Old-time photo booths are making a comeback, and what better way to bring them into the 21st century than with scenic printed backdrops? Small backdrops can be easily changed out or used with a roller system that could allow each client to select their desired theme right on the spot.

Choosing the right photo backdrop can make or break your photography results. An artfully-chosen scenic backdrop can bring photography to new levels of impact and creativity. Whether you go with a nature scene, a cityscape, an iconic landmark or an urban texture, there’s an ideal scenic backdrop for your event. Today’s technology makes the manufacturing of computer-printed backdrops easier and more affordable than ever. Highly realistic scenic backdrop images can enhance any event you might dream up. Have fun while impressing clients and viewers, and create the perfect atmosphere with scenic photo backdrops.

Have you used a scenic backdrop? For what event?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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