How to Set Up Your BE Pro Backdrop Stand

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BE Pro Backdrop Stand Did your new BE Pro Backdrop Stand just arrive at your doorstep? Are you ready to try it out ASAP? We’ve listed out instructions for setting up our BE Pro Backdrop Stand in a few quick steps so that you can get to the fun part: shooting! BE Pro Backdrop Stand 1. Lay components out on the ground. There will be 3 separate pieces in your carry bag: two upright stands and one crossbar. Backdrop Stand 2. Set up first upright stand. Twist the wingnut at the top of the legs to loosen it. Push legs out slightly and raise the center stand. While raising the center stand, push stand legs down to open fully. BE Pro Backdrop Stand 3. Tighten the wingnut to secure the legs. Next, loosen the wingnut located on the middle upright stand to raise its height. Tighten the wingnut when at the desired height to secure it. Backdrop Stand 4. Another wingnut is also located at the top of the upright stand, for extra height increase if desired. Backdrop Stand   5. Repeat Steps 1-3 for second upright stand. BE Pro Backdrop Stand 6. Before placing the cross bar onto the upright, unscrew the wingnuts as much as you can without pulling the wingnut out completely. BE Pro Backdrop Stand 7. Next, take the horizontal crossbar and line it up with each upright stand. Lower the bar onto the silver metal rods located at the top of each stand. Tighten the wingnuts on the crossbar to secure it to the upright. 8. Finally, grab your backdrop and slide it through the opposite side of the crossbar. Place crossbar onto the silver medal rod on the other upright and tighten wingnut.  Now your new BE Pro Backdrop Stand is all set for action!

BE Pro Backdrop Stand


Do you have a BE Pro Backdrop Stand set up in your photo studio? Do you leave it up or take it down between portrait sessions?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team



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