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Glitter Patterned Backdrops Love the look of glamorous glitter and shining sparkles for those extra special portrait sessions? We do, too! Do you love sweeping and cleaning up the mess from a pound of glitter strewn across the floor that’s also somehow made it’s way into every crack and crevice in the room? We don’t, either! Here’s where we introduce our new Glitter Patterned Backdrops… a printed background collection that’s suitable and convenient for any studio! Here are some of our favorite styles and patterns from our glitter backdrop selection.

Glitter Sprinkles

It’s raining glitter! A whimsical “sprinkling” of shining glitter dots adds just the right amount of interest to your background, without overcrowding it.

If gold isn’t your color, switch it up with our other glitter sprinkle backdrop styles of silver, magenta, teal or lime green. Glitter Patterned Backdrops Glitter Patterned Backdrops

Glitter Chevron

We love a good chevron, but these sparkling glitter lines kick it up a notch! This classy pattern brings a bit of warmth and a lot of fun.

Glitter Patterned BackdropsPhoto Courtesy of Coco Captures

magenta chevronPhoto Courtesy of Ten Little Toes Photography

Our glitter chevron backdrops are offered in two and three toned styles.

Glitter Numbers

Bringing in a festive party theme, our Gold 1st Birthday Printed Backdrop provides a cool contrast between light pink and gold glitter. This glam and girly backdrop is ideal for fun cake smash photo shoots! Glitter Patterned Backdrops Glitter Patterned Backdrops

Glitter Polka Dots

Looking for bigger bursts of bright sparkles? Then our Glitter Polka Dot Printed Backdrops might be for you. Polka dots are a classic, popular pattern that complements most any subject! Glitter Patterned Backdrops

Glitter Stars

Whether you’re needing a great patriotic, winter holiday or starry sky backdrop, our line of Glitter Stars Printed Backdrops will enhance your special themes. Glitter Patterned Backdrops While these new glitter patterned printed backdrops are a great addition to your studio to add some sparkle without having the mess of real glitter, we also recommend our popular Sequin Fabric Backdrops for an alternative glamorous look. Focus on the backdrop for a bright and sharp shining look, or blur it for a beautiful bokeh style.

Sequin Photography BackdropsFeaturing: Gold Sequin Backdrop | Courtesy of Owens-Lugar Photography

Do you like using glitter and confetti props in your studio portraits, or would you try out a glitter printed backdrop for a more convenient setup?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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