Sibling Portraits: 5 Go-To Poses for Brothers & Sisters

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studio portraits for siblings Sometimes when you’re working with siblings, particularly with brothers and sisters close in age, it can be challenging to find great poses for them that will capture their personality and the close sibling bond, but still keep the photos natural and not look forced. You may also be faced with the sibling rivalry challenge, especially for younger brothers and sisters. The key is to be patient, but also come armed with a few “go-to” poses. We’ve compiled a list of strong poses and ideas to help you get a feel for their personality and their relationship with each other during your studio photo shoot.

1. Back-to-Back

Positioning the siblings back-to-back not only helps to unify the siblings and make them look like a team, but this can also help bring out their individual personalities if one sibling has their arms crossed while the other has their hands on their hips. You can also bring in an element of sibling love by having them look over their shoulders at each other. studio portraits for siblings

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2. Cheek to Cheek

Take advantage of some nice photography floor drops and switch up the posing completely by having your siblings lay on the floor mat. Our favorite laying pose is a cute cheek-to-cheek position like the photo below, as it’s playful yet shows an intimate family bond. This pose would be great for girls and boys. studio portraits for siblings

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3. Holding Hands

This is an ideal pose for siblings with a large age gap or two sisters, or even a brother and sister. Showing them holding hands portrays that special bond that only siblings share, as long as you can convince them that neither one of them have those dreaded sibling cooties! However, when you have a brother and sister that are close in age around their teens or early 20’s, you want to make sure to have them hold hands in a way in a more playful way that won’t make it look like they’re a couple. studio portraits for siblings

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4. Arm Around Shoulders

Another way to avoid a final photo that viewers might mistake the siblings as a couple is by asking one of them to drape their arm around the other’s shoulders. This still portrays that brotherly love between the two and also brings a more playful element to the pose. Let them stand or sit in a way that this pose doesn’t look forced. You could let them have a conversation as well or have someone crack some jokes to capture a natural laugh from the two. studio portraits for siblings

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5. Silly Faces

Siblings tend to love being silly together. Why not let their playful personalities show by making silly faces at each other? This is perfect with younger siblings because you might capture a perfect moment if a brother happens to make his sister laugh in the middle of the shoot.

studio portraits for siblings

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6. Bonus Point: Candids! 

Let them play! There’s nothing more valuable than capturing that perfect, natural photo. You’ll be able to see their natural personalities come through, see natural smiles, and capture some true sibling moments while they’re playing together, teasing each other, cracking jokes, and more. This is where you would want to click away on that shutter and capture as many photos as possible.

What are YOUR go-to poses when photographing siblings?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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