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With photos in the music category, you want to make sure that you are taking stock photos. Music is very diverse and there is a wide selection of ways to take music related stock photos. There are no hard-set rules on how to take music photographs, but there are many choices for music genres, instruments, props and places to take these photos.

1. Research the Key Words

With stock photos already out on the internet, you can search through them by specific keywords. This helps you find out what keywords are really in demand and what you should take photos of to create demand for your photos. These searches should help you get inspired.

2. Choose What You are Shooting

With all of the options that are out there for music genres, it is really easy to find good options. You may want to do orchestra, or classical, or rock. Or, you may want to do something that you have connections with so that you are able to easily take the shots that you want. Make sure that your subjects are something you are interested in or they perform a type of music you know something about. Deciding how you will photograph people or instruments is much easier when you have some background knowledge.

3. Plan Your Compositions

When you are creating your portfolio you will need to have a plan. Do you need special backgrounds for photography? Do you have the props that you need? What kinds of lighting will show off my talents? Organization is key when planning your portfolio; if you don’t take the time to create high quality photos, it will show.

4. Have a Concept

You need to have your photos stand out, and with a special concept you can do that. You not only want to produce an attractive shot, but it needs to be memorable. Make sure that you generate emotion from your subjects, do proper framing, and make sure the studio backgrounds and lighting enhance your subject. Put only your best work out for display.

5. Make Them Move

Movement is a great way to get the shots that you want. Have subjects turn the pages of the music sheets, or have a DJ scratch at his booth. You want to have shots that involve dynamism because static pictures are very boring.

6. Step Out of the Box

Throw some ideas out there. In music art, don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try something new. Try photographing a rock band at a kids’ park, or a country singer in the big city, don’t be afraid to try new things and take that shot.

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