Styling with Newborn Posing Braids

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500702401 (1) While posing newborn babies in delicate, sweet poses is one of the most fun aspects of working a newborn photo shoot, it can also be one of the more difficult, patience-testing tasks. Luckily, there are innumerable posing props and aids out there to help assist with special positions that can take your newborn portrait styling to the next level. Accessories like posing braids, wraps, blankets, bowls, and hats are other types of essential newborn props that help enhance styling. Warm, neutral colors complement a new baby’s skin tone for a beautiful soft, look.

What are Posing Braids?

Newborn Posing Braids are trendy accessories that give an ultra-soft, warm look to your background. While they can come in various lengths, they are most commonly curled up into a circular base to lay a newborn on top of, or to stuff into a posing bowl or crate to act as a comfy filler.

Our posing braids are offered as sets of two, each measuring 6ft long, in 10 soft colors. Working with two braids offers versatility for posing and positioning or can easily be coiled together to look like one cohesive braid.

wool braids

How to Care for Your Posing Braids

These wool braids are delicate, and we recommend careful handling. Small spots can be dabbed with a wet cloth. Rub gently in the direction of the fibers to keep the braid smooth and tight.

What newborn photography posing accessories are YOU in love with right now?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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