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Food Photography 101

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Food Photography on a 26" Seamless Paper Backdrop If you are interested in getting in to a niche photography market, you may consider entering the exciting world of food photography. As the name implies, food photographers capture enticing, rich images of food. This business is a commercial specialty. Food photographers strive to provide the appealing presentation of food products for use in marketing materials, packaging, and restaurant menus. In order to earn a reputation as an exceptional food photographer, you will need to work with a support team consisting of an art director, a food stylist, and several assistants. These creative artists will ease the process of breaking into food photography business.

What Every Beginner Needs to Know About Photography

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For many people photography means pictures like sunsets and vacation photos, but photos of daily life can also be valuable. Product photos are one example, and they don’t always come easy. Knowing how to shoot a good photo will not only help family photos look better, but taking good product photos for Craigslist or eBay could even help you reel in a few sales.