Taking a Glamour Shot

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Glamour photography isn’t just for supermodels. Its principles apply to a wide range of photographic situations including weddings, advertising, and portfolio shots for models and actors. Mastering a good glamour shot can go a long way in building your reputation as a photographer. Many professional glamour photographers use costly supplies, but some shots are taken with much less flair, with a good digital camera, a regular lens, and simple backdrops. Camera angle is an important component in glamour photography. Most photography lends itself to holding the camera horizontally, but it’s been established, since the 1940s “pin-up” days that a vertical angle is the preferred choice. A simple photography backdrop will keep the attention on your subject. The sky is a great choice, as is a seamless paper backdrop in a neutral color. Location is also important as it adds to the drama of the shoot. Door frames, archways, and brick walls are all popular choices to add drama to a glamour photo. Your model’s clothing should properly contrast with the color of your background for photography. Color wheels are a great tool for finding the right balance. Props are normally unnecessary for glamour shots, but when they are used they should have a purpose and not be a distraction from the subject. Sunglasses at a beach scene is a possible prop that might work. Proper lighting is also very important. Finding a balance between shadows and highlights against a models face can add mystery to your photos. Experimenting with your camera’s light settings can give you some ideas of what will work best for your shots. Posing your model can be tricky, because you want to achieve good alignment for your shots. Try shooting from different angles and positions. Change the direction of the model’s gaze, having her look straight in one shot, go off center for another, or tilt her head. Some photographers like to draw attention to the S curve of the spine to show off a model’s figure. A bit of sexuality is a good thing, but there’s such a thing as overkill. Pick shots that give the right balance. A lack of expression can kill an otherwise perfect shot. The eyes are the most expressive feature. Auto focus settings usually favor the nose and chin, so you may have to adjust the focus manually to get a great glamour shot.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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